Monday March 2nd 2015


Well, it’s my favourite time of the month again… BLOGGING TIME. This month ive decided to do something different, #20HappyDays!

During summer 2014 I decided to take part in a social media phenomenon called #100HappyDays.
This is an initiative which promotes positive mental health and makes you start noticing things that make you happy every day. Each day I posted a picture on Instagram with the attitude that “not every day is good, but there is good in every day”. And although it sounds silly it totally changed my attitude and I was definitely more positive and happier on day 100 than I was on day 1.

So for this month, till my blog was due on the 20th of February I took a picture of something good in each day! And he is the results……


Super bowl Sunday or pancake Sunday? The super bowl halftime show made the lack of sleep that we got that little bit better! The long bus journey is always worth it when I’m reunited with my Galway family on a Sunday evening.

 day 1-min

Nothing quite beats a hot water bottle on a sick day, especially when you’re four hours from home!

day 2-min


a skype date with my best friend. A well overdue catch up!

day 3-min


living 4 hours from home can be tough sometimes, but when your sister is able to call over for dinner any day of the week it makes it that little bit easier.

day 4-min


the first week anniversary of Aoifes hard cast. Of course its pink, and of course I had to sign it. Mammy Sarah xxx

day 5-min

what’s better than chocolate cake? VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE! Baking at 2am has its perks.

day 6-min


spending my weekends with these two is enjoyable… most of the time!

day 7-min


Bronagh brought so much happiness to Galway when she returned after 3 weeks! This is one of the most inspiring and strong friends I have met since I’ve moved to Galway!

day 8.-min


Fitness, fitness, fitness! Training is easier when you’re doing it with a friend!

day 9-min

Becoming a make-up artist/hairdresser for the evening, doesn’t she look like a princess??

day 10-min


Realising how lucky I am to have friends like these! They made the house look just magical for my birthday.

day 11-min day 12-min day 13-min day 14-min day 15-min


Hitting Galway city for some early birthday celebration with my favourite people!

day 12-min


Look who came to Donegal for the weekend? YAY

day 13-min


MY BIRTHDAY! Spending my actual birthday with my wonderful family and friends!

day 14-min


Chocolate biscuit cake… need I say more?

day 15-min


A beautiful walk to beautiful Salthill!




Rag week – the best Tuesday ever… DONEGAL TUESDAY! (And pancake Tuesday)

day 17-min day 18-min day 19-min day 20-min


Ash Wednesday in the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen!

day 18-min


Last day of Rag Week, partying!!!

day 19-min


My favourite time of the month… finishing up blog and sending it off for publishing! I am forever grateful to The Michaela Foundation for this amazing opportunity!

day 20-min


So there they are, my #20HappyDays!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and it encourages you to appreciate the good thing in your life each day!

“You’ve got 86,400 seconds today, have you used one to smile yet?”


Adiós, arrivederci agus slán!

xoxo Sarah.