“The world is but a canvas for our imagination”

Monday November 30th 2015

Name: Dymphna Clenaghan

Age: 21 

Home: Lisburn

Summer Camp: Antrim Camp (Belfast)


We love your Michaela Foundation Camp inspired song. Tell us a little more about it and how Camp inspired you?

For some years now I’ve been blessed with the gift of music and I’m so very thankful for it! However, I have always struggled to write a song, but I always had this line in my head:

            ‘I used to dream in black and white, until you put the rainbow back into my life’ 

I don’t know why it didn’t ever develop into more. But after Michaela Camp I felt so inspired to write a song. Nobody asked me to, it was completely intrinsic – in fact nobody had a clue I was even writing it. It was only until after MF camp that the line made sense.

After a conversation with a friend, I realised that faith is like colour everyone has a different faith and has had different faith experiences which makes them the ‘colour’ they are today. This colour changes as our faith experiences develop.

The colour grows underneath our skin, pumps through our veins and lies deep within our soul. Everyone has their own unique ‘rainbow’ developing within them.

Witnessing the Campettes and Camp Leaders grow, opened my eyes to see everybody’s rainbow. The colours in the verses of the song reflect the colours in the logo e.g. blue for mercy as water cleanses the soul.  ‘Inspire and empower’ are used as attributes to MF.

The second verse talks about how God has a special plan for us, already created and we need his guidance to fulfil our plan, whatever it may be.

So back to the line ; I used to dream in black and white, until you put the rainbow back into my life’ 

MF gives the opportunity to put colour into people’s lives!



Any advice for young people with musical talents?

Play music because you enjoy it! A great place to start is playing music with people whose company you love to be in! Trust me, you will learn something new every time! This is where your skills and confidence will develop and flourish!


Who’s your musical role model?

I love a variety of music, so I don’t really have one musical role model. I really enjoy music from Adele, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles and Ludovico Einaudi.

tswift and ed

What’s been your greatest personal achievement to date? 

My greatest personal achievement has to be completing 5 years volunteering to Lourdes in the Down and Connor Youth Team. Being part of the team opened up a wide range many new opportunities including helping people in need, making new friends and developing my skills in music.


Favourite quote: 



What motivated you to volunteer at our Antrim Summer Camp?

I am currently a St. Mary’s University student, training to be a teacher. I applied to be a leader in Michaela Camp to build up my experience in working with young people, but more importantly it looked like something fun to do over the summer!


Sum up your volunteering experience in one sentence.

“Michaela Camp is the place where small things make the biggest difference. It’s a place where the more you give the more you get!! “


We’re so glad Dymphna found inspiration at Camp as her song is just beautiful. Have a listen for yourself…..