An honest insight to the role of Head Camp Coordinator

Thursday February 4th 2016

“For the past two years I have volunteered with Michaela Foundation in running their Summer Camps. When I think back to the two camps I took part in, some of the words that spring to mind are fulfilling, joyous, exciting, energetic, exhilarating and most importantly, FUN!!


I started out as a volunteer with the Fáilte element & I then progressed to HCC which was, although at times a bit daunting, the best experience of my life. I developed a new found confidence I never had and I met the most amazing young women. I never before had a responsibility like running a camp and the experience was just unbelievable. I now use this experience in my everyday life. Also the support I received from everyone at the Michaela Foundation made my transition to HCC very easy. Finally, the whole reason I wanted to volunteer with the MF in the first place is because I felt that I could relate to their ethos of ‘Life without limits’. The positivity at the camps and the happiness it brings to both the campettes & volunteers is absolutely fantastic. It is such a fun and rewarding experience and I feel honoured to say that I am part of this gorgeous family that is the Michaela Foundation.”



Robyn Mooney

Kildare Camp Volunteer 2015, 2014



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