A heart-breaking goodbye to semester 1.

Tuesday December 23rd 2014

Well its official… semester 1 is over, exams are over are over and I’m sitting in front of a lovely fire at home in Donegal with my family. Dunaras has been evacuated for the month.

So for this blog I decided to do something different. I’m sharing the best memories from my first semester through a slideshow which I hope you’ll enjoy. After a lot of scanning through my pictures I finally narrowed it down to a few minutes.

Since my last blog I have completed my first set of university exams and they brought back some not so fond memories of the leaving cert. However, I managed to get through them okay with the help of some rosaries, candles and study of course! So now I’m currently enjoying my month of Christmas holidays.

It’s nice to be back in Raphoe again. The tree is up, Seán is home from London, the house is noisy again, we’re almost finished all our festive shopping, and I’m back singing Christmas hymns with the choir. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Nonetheless I am really going to miss Galway and all my friends in Dunaras. I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend this wonderful experience with. Strangely I’ll miss the sleepless nights, the dirty dishes and the early morning lectures! But I wish them a merriest Christmas and happy New Year.

Very merry Christmas and happy new year to Mammy, Daddy, Seán, Fiona, Katie and Ciaran and all my family and friends! And a special merry Christmas to Eoin who isn’t able to come home and is spending his first Christmas is Berlin. See you in January!

I hope you enjoy the video of my crazy, scary, exciting and wonderful first semester experiences!

you may have to click HD display to the bottom right so the pictures aren’t fuzzy x

Adiós, arrivederci agus slán!

xoxo Sarah.