A letter to our Summer Camp Leaders…

Friday September 25th 2015

A Chairde,

Life is busy. Sometimes we forget the impact we have on others. It’s not surprising that sometimes we miss out on opportunities to stop and reflect upon the positive impact we have on the young people in our communities. Basically, that’s why we’re writing to you! We want to remind you of the great work you did at your respective Camps during the summer.

Quite often, it’s the little conversations, the easily-forgotten asides, the friendly smile or brief compliment that means so much to the young people we work with. Whilst you may have forgotten the little things you did with great love at Camp, the impact of your kindness and generosity will remain with our Campettes for a very long time.

Over the past few weeks we have analyzed feedback submitted by our Campettes. The 2015 Campettes have indicated to us what activities they loved and what they weren’t too keen on. Opinions were often divided by Campettes on this front. However, all Campettes agreed on one area, and that was how simply amazing our Summer Camp Leaders are. Thank you for making our Camps the success that they were. 98% of Campettes would like to return to Camp……a phenomenal statistic!


To show you how positively amazing you are here are a few of the comments written by the 2015 Campettes about you:

“The leaders from the Fun element were also very nice and welcoming and made sure no one was left out or lonely. All the activities the Campettes tried they also had a go at”

“Camp was very enjoyable. The leaders were very helpful and made sure that I was able to partake in all activities as I am blind.”

“I loved all the leaders and they were very kind to me and my friends. They listened to us all and made us smile.”

“All the leaders were very helpful and kind and I had an amazing week”

“I really enjoyed the Camp….because I’m dyslexic. Everything was explained to me and I enjoyed the coaches. They were helpful and always smiling.”

“A fantastic Camp. It was nice that it was all girls and specifically for that age range. Interaction was lovely from everyone. Leaders and all involved.”

“I thought it was cool the way the leaders were so nice to all the Campettes”

“I had loads of fun. The leaders were amazing. A few live in the same village as me and I will chat to them when I see them.”

“All the leaders were really nice and very friendly and always talked to us at lunch. We were all made to feel very welcome and included.”


Not only did the way in which you engaged with the Campettes touch their hearts, but the manner in which you delivered the program of activities inspired and educated them. Read the below comments from our Campettes as to gain an insight to the lasting impact of Camp. These are responses to the question, “What have you learned at Camp?”

“Not to worry too much about what people think about your appearance or image, it’s what’s in the inside that matters”

“Life can be like a boat on rough seas and if you pray to God he can calm the sea or calm the sailor.”

“To be myself. How important faith is. Always be positive and happy. Everyone is good at something. How precious life is and how we should try to lead a life without limits”

“How to express myself and that religion isn’t just for old people”

“I have learned to make healthy snacks and to be confident in yourself and don’t let anyone else influence what you choose to do, do something that makes you happy.”

“I used to be very shy and I couldn’t make friends that easy but I made lots of new friends at Michaela camp”

“Always be true to yourself, never let anyone bring down your happiness”

“More to faith than I ever thought. It’s not just about going to mass it’s also about how we go about our everyday lives.”


It wasn’t just the Campettes who felt the impact of Camp, their parents/guardians felt it too. Have a read at some of the wonderful feedback we have received as a result of the volunteering you did.

“She had a totally amazing week, the leaders were fabulous! So full of fun and leadership. The range of activities was brilliant and (Campette’s name) was impressed with the faith element as she thought it would have been very holy holy! However, it wasn’t and has given her a wonderful, positive and different outlook on her faith and for a 13 yr. old. That’s an amazing result. (Campette’s name) is a more confident young woman as a result of her experience.  Unfortunately she will be too old for the camp next year but would love to become a camp leader someday so continued success with this most amazing project.”

“My daughter just spent the week at the camp and I just cannot put into words her excitement and enjoyment of attending each day. I had heard all the reports about the camp but to experience this first hand is something else. She has went in a young girl who didn’t know where she stood between childhood and teenager worried about what people thought and by this missing out on all the fun she should be having at this age. Her attitude towards others especially her family has totally changed and she has this week shown the beautiful fun filled confident young lady we have always encouraged her to become. So a big congrats to all who have made her have the best week of her life by letting her know and see that it is perfect to be herself but most of all a massive thank you.”

“My daughters have absolutely loved every minute of their time at camp giving it a 10 out of 10 daily.”

“We feel blessed that the opportunity for such a camp has been afforded to (Campette’s name) locally and she has enjoyed in full every aspect of the camp and we can see her enriched in every sense with every day that passes there. The camp has provided her with the opportunity for many things including the opportunity to sing, to dance, to listen, to create, to pray, to learn Irish and to play football and each aspect has been provided with a heart and a half by a wonderful team of staff and facilitators who have been truly inspirational. The energy and enthusiasm and enjoyment of the team has been evident from day one. Thanks all who contributed to the wonderful week and who have truly provided her with the inspiration to live as Michaela did, a life without limits.”


We hope you all had an incredible experience and enjoyed the week. As to improve upon the Summer Camp volunteering experience we would greatly appreciate if you complete our quick and easy e-survey. If you haven’t already received the link, please let us know.

Once again, on behalf of everyone at Michaela Foundation, I wish to thank you for all your brilliant enthusiasm, hard work and dedication in helping to deliver the Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp experience! You have made a huge impact to the Campettes’ lives. We truly believe in you as role models. The Campettes look up to you and will always remember how fantastic you are. We hope you will consider applying to volunteer at Camp again next summer. In the meantime, may you continue to lead a life without limits! Our thank you fairies are working hard on a little token of appreciation for each of you which will be delivered in the coming month.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

Úna Ní Cheallaigh