The work of Michaela Foundation is inspired by the life of Michaela McAreavey. Michaela was a very grounded, loving and ‘normal’ person who had rich values and traits which we as a foundation also share and try to instil into everything we do.


As a young person, Michaela was like any other. She loved her family, loved spending time with friends and developed a faith that would pave the way for her relationship with God.

Michaela loved socialising and developing new friendships, something which Michaela Foundation provides a platform for both volunteers, campettes and many others, which is something we are very proud of.

As she developed into a young adult, Michaela developed a love of Irish Culture and the GAA. She was and still is her father’s number one supporter, as Mickey coached and developed many GAA times over his career. She would travel to every session and match, displaying a loyalty trait which was evident in her friendships with others also.

Michaela loved the Irish language, so much so, that she chose a career in teaching the language. This gave Michaela the opportunity to interact with young people, inspire them to love their culture and also develop her student’s faith in a very subtle and humble way.

Whilst Michaela may have left this life too early, she left a special impression on people’s hearts and one that will remain through the joy and positivity of Michaela Foundation.

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