Campette Signup 2015

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All about the Campette

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*Please note: Campette must be ages 11,12 or 13 at 1st July 2015 to attend this camp. Proof of age may be requested at Camp.

Campette's age at 1st July 2015:*

* Campettes age at 1st July 2015.

Summer camp of choice:*

Jersey sizes:*

* Please note: these are O'Neill's sportswear sizes. We will do our best to give Campettes their preferred jersey size, or that closest to it. However, this is not guaranteed.

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If so, please select which Camp:

Please state the name of ONE other Campette you would like to be in your Campette's group at Camp?

* Please note it is not always possible for us to place friends together.

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All about the Parent / Guardian

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Campette's Medical Conditions / Emergency Contact Details

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Is there anything else you wish to tell us about your Campette’s health and/or wellbeing? :

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Photography Consent

Michaela Foundation's Imaging Policy and Guidelines

Campette's level of Irish language: *

Where did you hear about Camp? (Only select one):*
FacebookTwitterMichaela Foundation WebsiteSchoolRadioChurchCommunity ClubNewspaperFriend / FamilyMichaela Foundation Team Member / VolunteerOther

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To be completed by the Campette and their Parent / Guardian

Do you and your Campette agree with and accept Michaela Foundation’s Code of Conducts for parents/guardians and Campette’s?