An attitude of gratitude

Wednesday July 6th 2016

This Summer, Michaela Foundation summer camp leaders are encouraging Campettes to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Our Leaders aim to inspire the Campettes to appreciate the love their families and friends have for them, the access to education they have not to mention the many other material things they have to be grateful for. Through developing an increased appreciation for what we have, we hope to develop a great awareness of the multitudes of young people who aren’t near as blessed. It’s for this reason that in 2016 Michaela Foundation has partnered with Team Hope, an Irish Christian development aid charity.

Team Hope is best known for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal.  It’s the largest Christmas Shoebox Appeal in Ireland bringing love and smiles to needy children in Eastern Europe and Africa.  Team Hope works all the year round with these children and their communities providing clean water, healthcare, education, feeding and agricultural programmes. At each of our Camps, leaders and Campettes are encouraged to build shoeboxes together. If leaders/Campettes wish to build their own box at home, that’s fantastic. However, we certainly do not expect that every Campette/Leader will do this. Each Camp will strive to build as many boxes as they can as a community. Empty shoeboxes will be placed in the Well Being room at Camp. Leaders/Campettes can contribute what they wish to the boxes… long as it’s on the approved donation list. (Information leaflets will be distributed at Camp). Together on the final day of Camp, the Campettes and volunteers will finisg building their boxes, wrap them up and leave them ready for collection and ultimately distribution by Team Hope.

When asked for his thoughts on the partnership, Niall Barry (Team Hope’s Executive Director) said;

Team Hope is delighted to be working with Michaela Foundation to help children in twelve of the world’s poorest countries.  The Christmas Shoebox Appeal is all about fun, joy, laughter and dignity for children who think they’ve been forgotten by the world. This new co-operation between our two organisations will do that for many more children”

Michaela Foundation chairman, John McAreavey is equally as enthused about the partnership, “I am thrilled that our girls are thinking and connecting with underprivileged young people of the same age; learning the value of generosity from a young age.” 

If you or someone you know is attending Camp and would like further information, please speak with your Camp Coordinator. Or, email

team hope