Aoise’s first blog

Tuesday October 1st 2013

Having started my first week of lectures and settled in to my new home in Dublin, I can say that I’m really enjoying the college life. Did I from the start? Not a chance.

Moving away from home was not easy and I won’t pretend that it is. It’s a big change and one I knew that I would struggle with. Being the youngest in big family I was always surrounded by a few of my siblings at a time so facing the fact that I had to move away from them all was daunting but I was looking forward to the freedom in a way.

The day arrived and I will swear to it that it was the sun that was making my eyes water as I pulled out of my hometown and travelled towards my new destination. The journey went smoothly, however, and within a few hours, I was entering my new home for the year.

With this new apartment came three new room mates. I was hoping and praying that they would be friendly and fabulous (a word that they have provided me with to describe them) and I was not disappointed.

I am living with two boys, Paul and James, and another girl, Charlotte. All are from Mayo, something which might have provided a cause of tension if I remember the 2012 All –Ireland correctly. It was quite nerve wracking meeting them for the first time because they all knew each other from home but thankfully they were extremely welcoming and accepting. Charlotte and James are both studying Commerce whilst Paul is studying Engineering.

We got along with each other immediately and are living alongside each other easily. We’ve made life a little easier for ourselves by drawing up a dinner rota and each taking a day to cook.

As I’ve said we’re great friends but that’s not to say we don’t disagree over certain things. For example, I don’t agree with them hanging a Mayo flag out our window while they didn’t take too kindly to me putting a poster with ‘Donegal 4 Sam’ up either (I’ll stand by this even if they’re not in the final )

The positives far out weigh the negatives, however and I consider myself extremely lucky to be living with them. I have also been made welcome by their friends who I would now consider my own as well.

One thing that I will say though is that being surrounded by Mayo people all the time, tends to dilute your own accent and I’ve picked up a twang on certain words, something my friends in the ‘kindest’ way possibly constantly mock me about.

Even though I have made new friends and they’re great, I really miss my friends back home and from school. It’s extremely strange after being friends and attending school together for 14 years that we’ll never sit in a classroom together again and that our time to hang out with each other is very limited. Before, we wouldn’t have to give a second thought to agree to plans but now we have to check timetables and arrange buses to meet up. It’s easier to meet up with friends who are still at home but it’s awkward to find a suitable time to meet with friends who are also in college and in a different county.

One of my best friends is in college in Sligo and even though it’s only been a few weeks since I last saw her, it’s been the longest time we’ve gone without meeting up. Luckily for me, she and a few of my other good friends are planning to stay the weekend so they can attend a concert. Thank god for the 02 !!

Having friends from home going to the same college is a big plus though. If any of us were ever feeling homesick we would hang out with them for a few hours and it was a little bit of home I suppose. It calmed you down because you knew that you weren’t completely gone from normality.

It’s strange trying to get used to your new routine and shake off the old one that you had. I still believe that I have football training on certain days of the week with my club back home. ST EUNAN’S ABÚ ( the opportunity to say this was too good to pass up). I still plan my meals that day around the time of training and how long I should eat before it. Then is the reality check when you realise that you won’t be going to it and it’s quite sad.

Every time I think on what I’m missing – seeing my team, having the craic, general messing about (notice I left out the actually training part of it) – it’s tough. These are the moments that I’m thankful for the social networking sites so I can get in contact with them after. This is when you’re always thankful for the people from your hometown being there.

I guess what I’ve learned in my first few weeks at college is that it’s completely normal to feel homesick after 4 days, it’s ok to bring new friends into your life because you’re not replacing the old ones and it’s normal to be scared, nervous and excited at the same time because college is a massive adventure and one I’m looking forward to taking on and sharing with you.