April blog – The 8 types of people you’ll meet in college!

Friday April 24th 2015



Since I was last speaking to you my momma had a very special birthday! We had the best time celebrating, and she was surprised by my secretly very sentimental Daddy when he flew my two older brothers Seán and Eoin (and their other halves) home for the weekend! It had been around 6 months since we were all in together at the one time (and over a year since we were all together at home, in Ireland!). The weekend was crammed with good food, good company and family selfies with a selfie-stick! It was the greatest way to kick off my Easter holidays!

family (1)

I spent most of my time off taking advantage of the fact I could lie in bed all day! Although I did do some study for the oral exams which I had the week I returned to Galway. I spent a night out dancing with my favourite girlies and also went to the cinema with my famalam to the AMAZING new Cinderella movie which made me love Disney even more!!! After another lovely weekend in Limerick with Tomás it was back to Galway for our last week of lectures which was filled with plenty of cramming, walks to Salthill and a Dunaras family BBQ with the best people in the world! And to top it all off I had a lovely catch up with my scholar sister Caoímhe who was on a little road trip in Galway with her friend Aoife who is also a volunteer for the MF! I hadn’t seen Caoímhe in months so we had a lot of catching up to do just not a lot of time to do so. It is now study week and I sit my first exam in less than a week (AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!)


Secondly I’d like to thank all my helpers with this one! After a long day of study and searching for blog inspo these girls really jumped at the chance to help out and their ideas were nothing short of brilliance. Thanks for all the help guys! So what have they come up with?


The 8 types of people you’ll meet in college!

So this is a couple of people who we’ve come across in college this year, I love the creative names they came up with! (please take this as light-heartedly as possible!)


  1. The Pampered Pooch.

We have all have come across one fresher who struggles with the daily task of life without parents. The task of dishes, cooking or changing bedsheets is simply too much for this pooch. Their previous 18 years at home have been too simple and they have now been thrown into the deep-end of reality. 1st year was certainly a wakeup call!


  1. The Boy Next Door. (Shout out to Una for this one!)

This is the one who has been mysterious all year, the one you took for granted! It’s only at the end of the semester that you realise he is your prince charming and most definitely the one that got away… We hope you meet your prince charming one day Una!


  1. The Mother Hen.

This is the friend who takes you under her wing, and makes you her own little chick! When you’re down she cheers you up and when you’re hungry she feeds you. You’ll always have a warm cup of tea in your hand in her house. When you’re going out the door she’ll make sure to tell you to “be safe”, and “call me if you need me, even if it’s in the middle of the night”.


  1. The Teenage Granda.

The guy who prefers pubs over clubs. He prefers to sit with a pint listening to old trad music than throwing shapes on the dance floor. He enjoys his daily cuppa and is always up for a gossip and if you’re ever in need he’s the grand-daddy in shining armour!


  1. The Party Animal.

Your trusty partner in crime for any night out. She’ll never let you down for a good boogie because let’s be honest, the dancefloor isn’t the same without her! It doesn’t take much to persuade this girl to join you for a night on the tiles. She’s one of the best friends you’ll meet in college and a guaranteed friend for life!


  1. The Mental Med!

This is the dedicated medicine student who is also a dedicated partier! She is the best multi-tasker you know. She balances study, exercise, clean eating, partying, fashion and a crazy hair colour!!!!


  1. The Kill-the-Craic Security Guard.

Unfortunately student accommodation is monitored constantly by these security guards. Just as the boogying is getting underway we hear the doorbell ring… “Music off my 11pm”. After some persuasion we sometimes talk them round to let us party that little bit longer before we hit the town! However, we do love the catch-ups with them after weekends at home!


  1. The Common Culchie.

That accent that takes a lot more than a week or few to get used to, you might almost need a dictionary to understand their lingo! They are a bit of a technophobe and they’re just about getting used to Microsoft Word. They can tell anything you need to know about the GAA. But no matter how much you slag them, they’re the most lovable person you’ll meet all year. A culchie hug is the best hug!!!!


So there you go, this is what me and my crazy college friends have come up with. The weird and wonderful people we’ve come across in Galway this year!

The next time I’m writing to you I will have finished my 1st year of college, I still can’t believe it. Wish me luck in these dreaded exams…..!!!

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from the month of April!

Until next time,

Adiós, arrivederci agus slán!

xoxo Sarah.