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“The most special of opportunities in a rollercoaster of emotions kinda year!”

It’s hard to believe this is my last blog ever as a Michaela Scholar….totes emosh!! Never did I think I would be worthy of receiving such a prestigious award for something very close to my heart. I was extremely lucky to have seen at first hand the role model and inspiring woman Michaela was and […]

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“A profession where joy and sadness come in equal measures!”

Dia Dhaoibh a Chairde – It’s been quite some time from my last blog and firstly I’d like to apologise for my lack of writing over the last few weeks – hopefully this one will explain why I’ve been off the radar for a bit, its been a summer with a difference!! So I haven’t […]

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Its the simple things in life…

Writing this month’s blog is a lot more chilled and relaxed than last months where exam stress was at the forefront of my mind and stressed was an understatement. Of course at the time it seemed like the only thing that mattered but lo and behold I survived and even passed them all…RELIEF!! Since finishing […]

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When the Glass is half empty; this time too will pass!

The bittersweet sound of ‘study-leave’ is something we students tend to love to here for all of about 5 seconds, when suddenly it dawns on you that this really the last ditch attempt to get the head in the books. This time of year will forever be a difficult and stressful time for all students. […]

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The suns out….It must be exam time!!!

Exams are never too far away are they?! It seems only to recent since I had that sense of relief and freedom again after the first semester exams and here we are back at the starting blocks again! And just in time for its annual appearance.. THE SUN!! It always seems to make an appearance […]

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Pick a positive in everyday…

With just a week left of my second placement, its hard not to feel privileged when reflecting back on my experiences to date. Despite the short time that I have been exposed to children’s nursing, I have discovered quite a large glimpse of just how lucky I am to have this opportunity. Life is put […]

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Reflection time at the half way mark….

To say the least, it’s quite overwhelming to think that I am half way through first year of University. This is crazy! Looking back I genuinely could not foresee myself surviving week 1 at QUB never mind reaching this stage of first year. That backward, shy and absolute nervous wreck that wandered about Belfast, with […]

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Reaching milestones, Hating Goodbyes and Giving the Alarm Clock a break!!

So, from last month’s blog I’ve seriously had an eventful few weeks!! Our club dinner dance that was so eagerly awaited, exceeded expectations; an absolutely brilliant night’s craic…

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Entering the Big Bad World!

It’s hard to believe 9 weeks ago, a pale faced, nauseous, nervous wreck hit the M1, far from bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am to begin her new venture as a student nurse.  Delighted with myself for getting as far as the big smoke without any major mishaps and with 45 minutes to spare, […]

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Meet Cora!

Hi everyone! I’m Cora – I am absolutely delighted to be chosen as a Michaela Scholar for 2014/15. I am from a small rural area of Clonoe, Co. Tyrone and have currently just started studying Children’s Nursing in Queens University Belfast. I have completed my first 6 weeks in university and started my first week […]

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