Baby Boom

Thursday June 19th 2014

Ahhhhh- I forgot what it felt like to have a lie on past 7 o’clock! But I am really cherishing the 11am lie ins as they are few and far between!! Only a couple of weeks into my official summer holidays and I already feel relaxed and rejuvenated from the exam stress and pressure.

I officially left the keys of my first year house back to their rightful owner. I never realised moving out would be as soon! It literally seems like I only unpacked and now I’m squashing boxes back into my boot!

In just two weeks time, I am going to be an aunty for the third time! Excited is an understatement. My sister is expecting her third baby on the 15th of June and needless to say all The Conwell’s are highly anticipating the new arrival! With a niece aged six, and a nephew aged five I am well used to the fun that children can bring. It’s times like this that you appreciate the fragility of life and the living miracle that every baby is.

My mummy, sisters and I organised a surprise baby shower just as a gesture to my big sister Michaela. No, don’t get carried away (although I tried!)- it was more like afternoon tea and like nothing you would see any American doing!! It was a chance to have tea and treats before Baby Kearney’s arrival. There is a real baby boom in our parish, with my other sister Kathryn announcing that there’ll be another addition to the Clann in November, It will nearly be time for me to invest in a people carrier for my nieces and nephews!!

My Gaelic club, Clann Na nGael hold an annual festival called ‘Craic in the Brack’ every Summer with different headliners each year. This year, as part of the jam packed line up- I am taking part in the “Jigs and Reels” contest on Friday the 20th June. This involves eight couples taking to the dance floor to perform Irish dancing and then a little free style. With just around two weeks to go the hype is starting to build. There are posters and banners to be made, T-shirts to be printed, tickets to be sold and costumes to organise! It’s all go! It’s sure to be a night to remember no matter who wins. The banter and craic along the way has been fab. My dance partner Brendan is always raring to go with his ‘jump two threes’ and we’ll have them well perfected before the big night!

Being from the countryside there’s only one thing on the top of everyone’s agenda these next few weeks; the turf!! “Need to get the turf up”, “let’s get a squad of you up to that hill” and “that’s a ‘quare’ day for the peats ” are just a few of my daddy’s favourite quotes. There is something about getting the turf up though- it’s a family affair! Be it the relaxing atmosphere or the picnics accompanied by the occasional sun, it is definitely one of the annual Conwell outings I enjoy..even if my hamstrings are torn for the next few days!!

Not all was plain sailing in the month of May. Unfortunately myself, my sister Mairead and three girls from my local club was involved in a road accident on our way to Tyrone football training. It was the scariest experience of my life to date. Four ambulances transferred us to Enniskillen hospital where we were checked over and given the all clear. All I could say at the time was ‘Thank God’. Thankfully no-one was badly hurt which is the main thing as it could have been so much worse. Wearing your seat belt is not something that can be taken light heartedly as I can vow that it saved our lives. There was definitely more than one person looking down on us. God is good!!