Niomhi Blog 3

Wednesday August 1st 2012

It’s now well into the summer for us students, six weeks have already passed the weeks are going even quicker than term time. So far over the summer I’ve spent most of my days working in Diamonds Restaurant meeting all sorts of interesting people from up and down the country who have been visiting Warrenpoint and neighbouring areas along with the regulars. For-by work I have been training away and enjoying the summer. I spent a few days relaxing at the beach with friends when the weather was sunny before all the downpours of rain. I’ve had many shopping days, taking advantage of the sales! Of course there have been a few good  nights out with friends and it has been very enjoyable going out around home and meeting all those school friends who have come back for the summer who where overseas for university. Summer is a great time for catching up with people with DVD nights or a visit to Grounded in Newry the perfect choices!

The highlight of my month was the last ever Westlife concert with my family and friends. Westlife have been my favorite band from a young age and they were in fact the first ever concert I went to as a child. The 23rd of June finally came, I was counting down the days from the tickets were bought before Christmas. It was sad that Westlife were ending their 14 year journey, to over 80,000 fans in Croke Park. It was an emotional night for both them and fans but they truly entertained us and put on an unforgettable show with some of their best songs. It was indeed a night and day not to have been missed from the buzz in Dublin, it was evitable to see there was something extravagant on in Croke Park. To finish of such a great weekend it was off to the match in Armagh on Sunday for us. After a disappointing display in the first half I thought the summer for Down fans had ended premature but after a turnaround in the second half has left us all very happy and optimistic with a day out to Clones – let’s hope it’s another successful day!