Category: Eilis Cassidy (Irish Award)

Eilis February Blog

Friday April 12th 2013 | john

Dia daoibh, February has been an extremely busy month but I have enjoyed every single last minute of it. We have visited Amsterdam, went on a day visit to a secondary school in Turnhout, had two international dinners and moved to Leuven but most importantly I have met great people and made good friends stemming […]

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Eilis January Blog

Saturday March 2nd 2013 | john

Here I am reporting live from Belgium!! Having completed my four weeks of teaching practice in January it was finally time for me to pack my bags and jet off to continental Europe. It was a matter of little sleep and an early rise as I had naturally left everything to the last minute and […]

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Eilis December Blog

Monday February 4th 2013 | john

With the onset of a new year, we often look back and reflect on the months gone past with fond memories of all the different occasions and significant milestones we experienced. For me personally, it’s hard to comprehend how much has happened in the space of twelve months. 2012 has without doubt been one of […]

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Eilis November Blog

Wednesday December 12th 2012 | john

November has been a very busy month all round, as the student workload increases and we get further and further into the semester the nights in the library are becoming more frequent. Having applied to the Erasmus course I was notified that I was successful in gaining a place and would be traveling to Belgium […]

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Eilis Blog 5

Wednesday October 3rd 2012 | john

It’s hard to believe that it’s now September, for some of us we might savour the thought of being back into some kind of routine following the summer holidays but for me it’s a sign that I will soon be packing the boot and returning to Belfast to start my second year of teaching at […]

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Eilis Blog 4

Sunday September 2nd 2012 | john

For this month’s blog I have decided to write about the fantastic girl’s summer camp that ran from Monday 16th until Friday 20th of July in honour of Michaela. Having been in a position to volunteer I jumped at the opportunity. This would be a chance for me to come into contact with her friends […]

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Eilis Blog 3

Wednesday August 1st 2012 | john

Dia daoibh, I hope the holidays have been treating you well because I know for sure the weather hasn’t! A lot has happened since you’ve last read my article the most significant being the passing of my Granda, James O’Kane known locally as Big Jim. The reason I’ve chosen to dedicate this article to him […]

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Eilis Blog 2

Wednesday June 6th 2012 | john

It’s now prime exam time, early mornings and late nights are part and parcel of life at this time of the year. It’s all go go go at the minute. Finding a seat in the Mc Clay library is like searching for hen’s teeth, extremely hard to come by. The pressure mounts and mounts and […]

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Eilis Blog 1

Tuesday May 1st 2012 | john

Blog 1: April 2012   Hi, is mise Eilís Ní Chaiside a 19 year old student teacher hailing from a quiet little corner in south Derry known as Slaughtneil. The area I come from has been much better known for its disco that operated for over twenty years, attracting teenagers from across the Mid-Ulster area. […]

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