Category: Rosemary Jeffries (Religious Education Award)

Rosemary February Blog

Friday April 12th 2013 | john

As the month of February draws to a close it is a most interesting time for the Catholic Church. Just days ago Pope Benedict XVI’s time as pope can to an historical end, as he became the first pope to resign in 598 years. With the number of Catholics being around 1.2 billion world wide, […]

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Rosemary January Blog

Saturday March 2nd 2013 | john

February marks the start of a new semester, the winter exams are finished and Christmas is a well and truly distant memory. At the start of each new semester I like to reflect upon which that has just passed and consider what I can become involved in to broaden my experiences at university, as well […]

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Rosemary December Blog

Monday February 4th 2013 | john

So begins 2013, a new year and a chance to renew oneself and think of areas in our lives that we would like to improve upon. The start of a New Year marks a fresh start and a chance to ultimately let go of past trouble or grief and to instead learn from experience and […]

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Rosemary November Blog

Monday February 4th 2013 | john

It’s hard to believe that first semester is nearly over and Christmas is fast approaching. It never ceases to surprise me how fast time goes during the academic year. I’m now half way through my degree and planning what I’m going to do when I graduate. I’m aware that there are a growing number of […]

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Rosemary Blog 5

Wednesday October 3rd 2012 | john

As per every summer the weeks have flown in and it’s surreal that the start of September and my second year of University are so near. I’m moving back up to Belfast this weekend and the excitement is already mounting as Fresher’s Fortnight comes increasingly near. I remember Fresher’s last year to be great craic. […]

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Rosemary Blog 4

Sunday September 2nd 2012 | john

We are now into the second month of summer and as always I’m not sure where the time has gone! Excitement is beginning to build as the second year at university approaches. As much as I know everyone loves summer and counts the days down, I think everyone is ready to go back and see […]

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Rosemary Blog 3

Wednesday August 1st 2012 | john

Finally it’s that time again. Summer! Results are in and all exams have been passed so it’s time to relax and enjoy being free once again. My first year of university certainly did fly in. It feels like just yesterday that I received my school-leaver’s hoody and was waving goodbye to all my teachers. It’s […]

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Rosemary Blog 2

Wednesday June 6th 2012 | john

The month of May is notoriously busy as it’s exam territory once again.  This month has been particularly busy as Eilís suggested that Naomi and I, the other two Michaela Foundation Student  Award Scheme recipients, form a relay team and run in the Belfast Marathon to raise money for the Michaela Foundation.  That was a […]

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Rosemary Blog 1

Monday April 16th 2012 | john

  Hi. My name’s Rosemary Jefferies. I’m from Derry, the City of Culture to be, and I’m currently attending Queen’s University Belfast. Although I love Derry it’s very small compared to Belfast and I love being a part of such a big City and having new places to go out to with my friends. I’m […]

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