Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again

Thursday June 19th 2014

I want to start off this month’s blog by saying a HUGE congratulations to my fellow scholars who took part in the Belfast Marathon for the Michaela Foundation and a massive congrats to Úna and everyone else who ran on behalf of the Michaela Foundation. Unfortunately I couldn’t take part as I was tied down with exams but I couldn’t be prouder of them all. We managed to raise over our target of £1000 so also a massive thank you to everyone who donated also. And finally a special mention has to be said to Stephen who secretly worked with O’Neills to create beautiful Michaela jerseys for all the scholars. Legend.

Now, on with my life update..

My twenty four weeks of college are done and I am no longer a first year (well, the exam results will decide that but we can only hope). It is strange to think that I have a year of university under my belt and that in a few short months I will be starting second year. Looking back at my year in UCD as a fresher, I realise how lucky I was, not only to be giving the opportunity to attend the college itself, but to have met the people I did and experienced the memories that I did.

I was truly blessed to have chosen the apartment in which I met my roommates. Even though I imagined that we would get along with each other or even just live together amiably, I would never have thought that they would become some of my closest friends. We hit it off straight away and in just a few short weeks we were inseparable. Everything we did, we did together.
Paul and I bonded over our same taste in movies, musicals and TV shows. He curses me sometimes over my introducing him to Supernatural (a MUST watch people!!). There are times he won’t get any work done because he’s watching the show and he blames me for it. Speaking of taste also, he makes an amazing beef stirfry so you know, food is always a plus.
I can’t quite remember how James and I connected, maybe it was the singing. Regardless, we bonded immensely and will even continue living together next year. We operated on the buddy system all year which is basically just if a trip needed to be made somewhere, bring your buddy. Shop buddy was the most popular one.
There is no good reason why Charlotte and I should be such good friends but we are. We are so different however that our parents were a bit shocked that we got along so well. Charlotte is big into fashion whereas I’m not too pushed about it. I love football while she refuses to even kick a ball. Either way we clicked, and the one thing we could both agree on was food. I think food was definitely the thing that bonded us!
My advice to future college students or even current students who are moving in with new roommates next year is to get to know the people you are living with. It will make life so much easier for you; it means that there is always someone you can talk to, someone who will look out for you or even something as simple as someone to share a taxi home with –trust me, in Dublin, this is a huge factor.
And maybe, like me, they might become your closest friends and ones which you hope to keep for life.*

**Side effects of being close with the people you live with may include uncontrollable crying when moving out. Results may vary.

Although I was sad to leave my house in Dublin and even more upset to leave my roommates, it is nice to be back home in Donegal. It’s great to just be able to talk to my family whenever I want and not rely on them picking up the phone or me being too busy to answer them. I get to see my two nephews as often as I want and see them change or learn something new first hand rather than just hear about it or see the difference when I’m home at the weekend. They’re both three now and learning quickly so it’s nice to be able to experience that with them. They are getting even better toys now that they’re older and that is a big positive for me and my inner child. (Looking at you badminton set and bow & arrow).

Even though I like being home, I plan not to stay too long. As you’re reading this, I will be lying beside a pool, tanning myself in Portugal. Me and a few of my old school friends are heading off to Albufeira for a week to relax and forget about the stresses and worries of college- a detox of sorts.
We booked it months ago and I can’t believe it is now in a few days time. Of course I chose 2 days before departing to look for my passport, panic about not being able to find it, research and consider getting an emergency passport and eventually find my passport. Some people would probably be better prepared but I’ve always believed that life is unexpected so it is wise to know you can’t be prepared for anything. Either that or I’m just lazy.

Slán go fóill… or should I say Até mais tarde !!