Countdown to Christmas

Friday December 6th 2013

Hi everyone,

With Halloween well and truly over and the long month of November behind us there is only one thing on my mind…Christmas! With little over 3 weeks to go (22 days to be exact!) my mindset has quickly changed from fancy dress to Christmas dinners! However, before the festive mood really kicks in there’s a bundle of assignments and projects building up nicely waiting to be started…perhaps I need to change my Christmas plans to essay plans, at least for the time being anyway!

When I mix the thoughts of Christmas with deadlines for assignments I can’t help but think of home. Every weekend I take the 2 hour drive down the M1 in order to enjoy my home comforts…at least for 48 hours anyway! Getting the clothes washed and ready, a decent meal cooked for me, and stocking up for the following week along with a simple catch up with the family has been a common occurrence over these last 10 weeks. It’s something I look forward to and appreciate more and more when I come home.

With each passing weekend my family are edging ever closer to the return home of my older brother, Jonathan from America. He is currently on a one year program known as ‘Study USA!’ (For those students in 2nd year and 3rd year, I would encourage you all to check it out online!). This is where students from across Ireland travel to different parts of America in order to study and immerse themselves in the American way of life. He jetted off in early August and is due back home just before Christmas. With numerous Facebook messages sent and Skype calls made we know he is never too far away. To be honest I don’t know how he has lived away from home for so long! Us local students rely on the comfort of weekends at home, so for him to find his feet and adapt so quickly to a new culture was no doubt a huge challenge. However, it was an opportunity that he grabbed with both arms and from speaking to him he has no regrets about it. When he finally arrives home on the 20th December, I’ve no doubt there will be many stories and experiences for him to share. Roll on the celebration!

November also brought about the first ever meeting of The Michaela Foundation society at St. Mary’s University. With Michaela having a very close connection with the College, studying Irish Teaching here for 4 years, the Foundation and its volunteers felt the need to keep up this special link. In a small way we hope the society can achieve and portray Michaela’s values and personality in the many events and fundraisers we will run throughout the year.

This month all the St. Mary’s students found out where they would be placed for their 7-10 weeks of school placement next semester. Some will have found the comfort of their local Primary or Secondary school, whilst others will experience schools they have never been to before. Luckily enough I have been placed in the same school and classroom that I have experienced on my school taster days, which will make the transition and settling into placement that little bit easier!

With assignment deadlines due and nearly every book from my reading list poached from the Library, the challenge is definitely on to get them completed! I’m very much known to be a “last minute” person when it comes to assignments. “It’ll be grand sure…” and, “I’ve loads of time to do it yet…” are my usual responses when fellow students ask about my essays! I have quickly realised however, from looking at the bundle on my desk, that being more prepared and just simply sitting down to start them (which is always the hardest part!) can help lead to better results, and of course, less stress! With a more strategic approach now in place my aim is to a least get the bundle cut down by half!

With my next blog not released until after the New Year I hope everyone enjoys the break, the celebrations, the food, presents, nights out and the general buzz that comes with it all! It’s a time of year that I really, really look forward to and enjoy with my close family and friends. Everyone’s off on holidays, relaxed and enjoying the things that we students sometimes take for granted! Enjoy it because I know for sure I will too!

See you all in the New Year!