Dianchúrsaí Gaeilge. Irish Language Crash Courses in Omagh.

Friday March 3rd 2017

Which course is right for you?


Gaeilge sa bhaile/Irish at Home:

This course is suitable for parents/guardians/family members wishing to learn everyday Irish that they can speak with their children and around the home. The course is particularly relevant for parents/guardians of children in Irish medium schools who have had minimal contact with Irish in the past.


Bun Rang:

If you have never had previous contact or have only had very minimal contact with the Irish language, then this is the class for you.


Meán rang:

This course is most suitable for people who have some proficiency of Irish and are ready to move on and learn some slightly more complex grammatical structures and enhanced conversational skills. If you were previously proficient in Irish but have lost some vocabulary and/or confidence in your ability to hold a conversation in Irish, then this is the course for you.


Ard Rang:

Most of this class will be delivered in Irish. If you are well advanced in both written and spoken Irish, then this is the course for you.

Email enquiries@michaelafoundation.com to register. Pre registration is essential as places are limited.