Eilis Blog 2

Wednesday June 6th 2012

It’s now prime exam time, early mornings and late nights are part and parcel of life at this time of the year. It’s all go go go at the minute. Finding a seat in the Mc Clay library is like searching for hen’s teeth, extremely hard to come by. The pressure mounts and mounts and students all across the country start questioning themselves, ‘Why didn’t I go to those classes first thing on a Tuesday morning?’

The longer evenings makes studying somewhat more endurable (if that’s possible)  I suppose it’s the sense of knowing that the summer beckons and we will be free to do whatever we want in a matter of weeks. For many students this means either one of two things. Working all summer long, trying to save some money to see you through the next academic year or for the more fortunate travelling around the world taking in the sights and sounds of some beautiful landmarks.

For the remaining youthful population there are endless opportunities throughout the summer months in terms of summer schemes and camps. Many young gaeilgeoir’s will be descending on our stunning Gaeltacht areas Rann Na Feirste, Machaire Rabhartaigh and Lóch an Iúir to mention but a few. This is a great opportunity for all young people studying the Irish language to progress their ‘cúpla focal’ in a very unique environment. Not only do they get the chance to be away from their parents for 2-3weeks, they experience the traditions and customs associated with our culture and if you’re lucky enough you might get yourself a wee ‘póg’!

It’s hard to believe that just last September we were embarking on a new experience, beginning a new chapter in our life, cá ndeachaigh an t-am? (Where has the time gone?)

Personally I envisage the full month of June to recuperate form a year’s worth of studying, tripping and gallivanting around the place. I’m sure there are many people with similar aspirations post exam time. Between KS3’s, GCSE’s, AS’s and A ‘levels it is a strenuous time for everyone, our families included.  We just have to remind ourselves that all this hard work will be worth it in the long run.

Championship is another key element of the Irish summer. The long slogging sessions are a distant memory and it’s only a matter of perfecting key aspects of our games and specific skills. Each of our club and county players understands the massive commitment and dedication required to be part of any team.  The long, dark, demanding and taxing pre-season sessions are done and dusted as everyone now fights for a piece of silverware before the summers out. Much like the exams; fail to prepare, prepare to fail. As the saying goes ‘Is é an cleachtadh a dhéanann maistreacht.

Having recently completed the Belfast City Marathon Relay along with Rosemary and Niomhi (the other recipients of the Michaela Foundation Student Award Scheme), in honour of the Michaela Foundation I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped raise awareness and money for the cause. Collectively our relay team raised £682.50. Go raibh maith agaibh go léir.

Slán tamall.