Exams and Excitement

Friday January 10th 2014

Dia Dhaoibh Arís !

It seems surreal that I already have half of my first year done and dusted.
This year had passed so unbelievably quick that it feels as if I’ve done
nothing, even though I completed my Leaving Cert, got a new job, started
college and, of course, was honoured to be chosen to represent the Michaela
Foundation’s Student Award Scheme.
I am beyond happy to say that I am writing this month’s blog from the
comfort of my home in Donegal. My first semester of college is over and
I’m back settled into my house, where I get to stay for another 3 weeks!
Before I got to enjoy my month- (a whole month to do nothing- every
students dream) long holidays, I first had to sit my exams. Luckily I only
had two exams to complete whereas some people I know had up to six. I was
extremely nervous about them as they were my first experience with college
exams and I wasn’t sure what to expect from them.
Sular suí mé aon scrúdú scríofa, bhí scrúdú béil agam sa Ghaeilge. Cé go
bhfuil mé laofa sa Ghaeilge, táim a labhairt beagnach 15 bhliain anois, bhí
mé an-neirbhíseach. An fáth is mhó , dar liom, ná go raibh Gaeilge dhifriúil
agam ná mar a bhí ag mo theagascóirí agus is dóiche, mo scrúdathóirí. Bhí
mé imneach nach mbeadh siad in ann mé a thuigbhéail, rud a raibh mar
dhúshlán agam go dtí an pointe sin.
Buíochas le Dia , nuair a shiúl mé isteach sa seomra, bhí an bheirt acu
chomh deas agus chomh suaimhneach, gur imigh mo strus uaim. Beirt fhear
óig a bhí iontu agus labhair muid faoi rudaí ginearálta agus bhí an chraic
againn. D’imigh an ám go tapaigh agus ansin bhí sé críochnaithe !
Má raibh orm comhairle a thabhairt d’éinne a bhfuil ag iarraidh an Ghaeilge
a staidéar ar an choláiste, molfainn daoibh í a labhairt i rith an tsamhraidh.
Cé nach raibh ann ach dhá mhí nach raibh mé a labhairt chomh minic is ba
ghnáth, d’aithin mé go raibh mé in ann í a scríobh go breá ‘s í a thuigbhéail
ach nuair a bhí orm a labhairt os ard, bhí sé níos deacra dom ná mar a bhí
riamh. Thig leis a imeacht chomh gasta sin agus ar aon dóigh, cén fáth nach
mbeadh sibh ag iarraidh an teanga bhreá seo a labhairt ?
When the time came for the written exams, they took place in the RDS as
UCD has such a large number of students. This worried me more than the
actual exams themselves as my time keeping skills aren’t exactly the best
(it’s inherited unfortunately). Although there was a shuttle bus in service
during the exams, it was deemed unreliable and I was told not to count on it.
Luckily I managed to find someone who was travelling to the same exam so
I accompanied them… Or I was a ‘cling’ as they say.
It turned out that the hall in which the exam was held, was more intimidating
than the actual exam or the journey there for me I suppose. There were a few
exams on at the one time so there could be up to 1500 people there at a time.
This was nerve wracking because it hit home that this was important. Once
your exam was handed out however, you forgot about everything but the
subject you saw in front of you. One week and I was done! On the same day
I finished, I hopped on a bus and made my way back to the hills!
I was overjoyed to be home and spend the days coming up to Christmas with
my family. Christmas morning was filled with the usual early morning
awakening and the excitement of opening and exchanging presents. My
mother and I then made our way down to the Cathedral for mass. As I
looked around I felt happiness come over me seeing the mass of people who
were present, there to celebrate Our Lord’s birth. As I sat and prayed, I once
again recalled the wonderful year I’ve had and I was extremely grateful and
thankful for everything. I knew that I was very lucky that year not to have
suffered losses or be burdened by ill health like people I knew around me. At
once I was overwhelmed with a sense of optimism and hope for the New
Year and I can only pray and wait to see what is in store for me.
Bliain Úr Faoi Mhaise Daoibh Go Léir !
Slán go fóill,