At work

Brighten up your 9 to 5 and have some fun while raising vital funds all at the same time!

Cake sale (a true classic!)

Who doesn’t like cake? Break out the recipe books and set your price per slice!

Lunch break board game tournament

Play a different game each day, with points for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. The overall winner at the end of the week gets a prize! Charge a fee for each game played and donate the proceeds!

Use your legs

Ditch the elevator, walk or cycle to work. Then donate the money you’ve saved to Michaela Foundation, you could ask for some sponsorship too!

Bad taste fancy dress day

Get out your garish ties, fluorescent leg warmers, loud shirts and hideous wigs! Everyone pays a small fee to take part (and a bigger one not to).

Ditch the takeaways

Make your own lunch and donate the difference, you’ll be amazed how much you’ll raise.


You can run a sweepstake on almost anything, from sporting tournaments to talent show competitions.

Swear box

A bl**dy great fundraiser to help you and your colleagues keep things professional!

Fantasy football or football kit day

Assemble your fantasy football team, set out your scoring system and pay a fee to take part. Or for a quick and easy fundraiser charge a fee to let everyone come to work in their teams’ kit!

We love to hear what our supporters are up to, and our fundraisers can offer expert advice and support to help make your event a big success. Get in touch today.

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