Head Camp Coordinator

Description of Element/Role

The Head Camp Coordinator (H.C.C.) assumes overall responsibility for the management and delivery of the Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp in their county.


The Head Camp Coordinator may assist Michaela Foundation’s management team in the recruitment and selection process of the Camp team.
The H.C.C. will manage, motivate and support a team of up to 23 volunteers.
The H.C.C. may liaise with Michaela Foundation’s management team to promote the Camp at which they will volunteer.
The H.C.C. will assist Michaela Foundation’s management team in other pre-camp preparations.
The H.C.C. will oversee the day-to-day runnings at Camp.
The H.C.C. will communicate with the parents/guardians of Campettes when required at Camp.
The H.C.C. will encourage the team to leave the host venue in an immaculate condition, as was found.
The H.C.C. will greet and welcome all Campettes, their parents/guardians and volunteers each day.
The H.C.C. will orient all Campettes to Camp rules on day one.
Relieve other leaders as required.
Remain visible and accessible to leaders and Campettes.
Encourage and motivate the team to attend Camp training and to avail of the online training facilities.
Encourage the team to become familiar with Michaela Foundation’s policies and procedures.
The HCC will provide a positive role model to their team and group of Campettes within the philosophy of Michaela Foundation’s standards and expectations.
Maintain high levels of team morale and conduct by providing mentorship and support to voluntary leaders.
Report major staff issues to the Michaela Foundation Management team
Represent Michaela Foundation in a professional manner at Camp.
Have due regard to Campette/Leader confidentiality at all times
Organise pre-Camp meetings with the Team.


Attend Camp:

  • Monday – Friday
  • Monday 8.30am – 4pm
  • Tuesday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Attend Training
The H.C.C. should organise and lead a few team meetings prior to Camp commencing. The dates of these meetings are at the HCC / team’s discretion.
Depending on the H.C.C.’s experience, they may need to meet with Michaela Foundation management for bespoke training and guidance face-to-face.


Ethos training: 25th May 2019, Queen’s University Belfast (full day training event)
First aid training is optional but advised. As least two members of the team must be first aid trained. If you are already trained in First Aid, or, are a trained healthcare professional; you won’t need to attend this training. However, you will need to provide evidence of your completed training.
We will advertise Child Protection training dates/venues in your area closer to Camp. It is mandatory all Leaders’ complete a 3 hour Child Protection training course prior to Camp. Training lasts 3 years until it is up for renewal. Please note if there is training available pre-Camp within your local GAA club or school this is also valid.
Specific activity training will be available online for the recruited team members.


Skills you will develop:

  • Communication skills
  •  Confidence
  • First aid (Only those who attend first aid training)
  • Use of defibrillator (Only those who attend first aid training)

Free training available:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • First Aid (Places are limited)
  • Michaela Foundation ethos training

Other perks:

  • It looks great on your CV
  • You can learn new things
  • You can make a positive difference to people in your community
  • You can use your abilities and develop new skills
  • You will gain valuable experience that will help you in the future
  • Volunteering will improve your employability
  • You could meet lots of people and make new friends.

You will obtain a gorgeous, limited edition Michaela Foundation Camp Leader’s jersey.

This role is best suited to...

people who:

  • are able to lead a team
  • are able to work as part of a team
  • possess good communication skills
  • possess excellent management skills
  • are naturally passionate about Michaela Foundation’s values
  • have experience working in a pastoral care environment such as a school, youth club or similar.

Head Camp Coordinators often have backgrounds in teaching, social work, psychology or youth development. However, we welcome applications from all professions and none. We do however, require that the candidate has a willingness to learn and is passionate about youth work.

General information for all Michaela Foundation volunteers

Recruitment method:
To become a Michaela Foundation volunteer you must complete the online application form and provide references. All Summer Camp volunteers are required to undergo a vetting check. (Access NI or Garda Vetting) You will complete an introduction package and receive training relevant to your role. You will only be able to begin your volunteering once we have completed the necessary checks relevant to your role.
Ongoing training:
All our volunteers are provided with the necessary training to enable them to carry out their role. This training will either be provided face-to-face or through the online training hub.
All information concerning volunteers and Campettes shall be treated as strictly confidential at all times.
Equal opportunities:
It is the aim of Michaela Foundation to ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex, race, colour, religion, marital status, sexuality or disability; or, is not placed at a disadvantage by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable. Everyone shall adhere to our equal opportunities policy and ensure that diversity is valued throughout Michaela Foundation.
Health and safety:
We aim to provide a safe environment for all our volunteers and Campettes. We will therefore make you aware of your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and to ensure that agreed safety procedures are carried out and to maintain a safe environment for volunteers, Campettes or visitors.
Data protection:
If you have contact with data systems, computerised or otherwise, you are required to obtain, process and/or use the information in a fair and lawful way; to hold data only for the specific registered purpose; and not to use or disclose it in any way incompatible with such purpose. To disclose data only to authorised persons or organisations as instructed.

Meet an Experienced Volunteer

Clare Conlon - Armagh Camp 2015

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