When the Glass is half empty; this time too will pass!

Wednesday June 10th 2015

The bittersweet sound of ‘study-leave’ is something we students tend to love to here for all of about 5 seconds, when suddenly it dawns on you that this really the last ditch attempt to get the head in the books. This time of year will forever be a difficult and stressful time for all students. Undoubtedly, it is easy to become bogged down and anxious throughout exam season, and social lives, part-time jobs and hobbies have to be sacrificed. However it is important to remember the stress and pressure of exams is temporary and soon will be our long and well-deserved summer holidays… Of course, the only way to get through exams is to have something to look forward to at the end, so despite not having a minute, I still spared some time to plan my birthday celebrations – A night out in the South with the girls will be just what’s needed by the time I’m finished! Freedom beckons, so hang in there!


For me this summer differs slightly with 6 weeks less than usual for my third and final placement of first year. I should be completely devastated I know to have such a large chunk of summer cut out, however I’m actually excited and looking really forward to what a hospital placement has in store for me. With my first 2 placements being in school settings, I really was so lucky with nice short school days, relaxed settings etc however I am in for a serious reality check when it comes to 12 hour shifts, night duties and the hectic ward setting, to name a few. Despite all this though, I cannot wait to get stuck in and experience what will be a huge learning opportunity for me! At this stage of nursing, I feel slightly more prepared and armed with a little more knowledge to help me throughout placement, however my exam results my tell a different story!


Until then though, I will enjoy a few weeks of freedom, catching up on sleep, regaining a social life and spending time with friends and family. Big shout out to my sister Lisa who after 4 years of hard work, and a wee bit of partying finally finished up her degree in teaching and in just a few weeks time will be graduating as an Irish teacher! Maith thú agus tá muid bródúil asat.

For now though, it’s back to the books for another few weeks. Good luck to everyone doing exams and remember exams aren’t everything. Hopefully the stress and sacrafices are worth it. Work hard, do your best and the rest will work itself out. When the glass is half empty, this time too will pass.

Until next time,

Dia Leat,

Cora x