Heart & Soul Retreat

What is it?

We, at Michaela Foundation, were becoming increasingly aware of the everyday issues young people were having to deal with and we thought that delivering Faith & Mental Health Retreats in schools could help young people gain the tools they needed to face whatever challenges may come their way. We were acutely aware that Faith and Mental Health development is more crucial than ever so we decided to speak to working psychologists, schools and others already delivering retreats to ensure we were on the right track with our content.

October 2018 saw the launch of our very first Heart & Soul School Retreats and they have flourished since then.

Heart & Soul Retreat Information:  

Our Heart &  Soul Retreats have Faith & Mental Health at their core and we will be focusing on the themes of Resilience, Self-Acceptance and Attitude of Gratitude.

Our half-day retreats are filled with group work, games, activities and plenty of opportunity to discuss and reflect and are aimed at pupils in Years 10-12. The retreats are for smaller groups of no more than 30 pupils as we found the smaller group sizes allowed them to relax and get the full benefit of the content.


Our 3 Important Themes:


We look at challenges to the average teenager and how to cope with those challenges through various methods.

We discuss breaking down challenges into smaller, manageable goals.

We then look at prayer and how this can also help having someone to talk to when they need it most.


We are all well aware how young people are bombarded with messages o

social media of how to look, act and how they have unattainable standards. We look at social media pros and cons and look at how social media is not always as it seems.

We discuss what qualities we can’t see in a profile picture. What qualities are we most proud of?

We then talk about how God made us exactly how we are supposed to be – how we are made ‘perfectly imperfect‘.


We discuss all the small things we take for granted every day – having a ‘Good morning, God’ attitude versus, ‘Good God, it’s morning!’ attitude.

Discuss how being thankful can have a positive impact on our mental health. They then write a letter to someone that has had the biggest positive impact on their life.






Heart & Soul Retreat Feedback

Student Feedback:

” I learned really useful tips to help me cope with stress & be more resilient.”

  • Student, Lumen Christi College Derry

“It was really fun and it gives a chance to talk about emotions and troubles that you wouldn’t normally have.”

  • Student, St.Patrick’s Academy Lisburn

“The retreat taught me to look out for others, talk to someone if you aren’t feeling ok. It’s normal to not be ok all the time.”

  • Student, Lumen Christi College Derry

Teacher Feedback:

“A chance to reflect & soul search – an opportunity to spend time out of the classroom – work on self worth & self love.”

  • Teacher, St. Patrick’s Academy Lisburn


Interested in booking your school in for our Retreat?

If you would like to book in with us, please contact enquiries@michaelafoundation.com and we will do everything we can to fit in with with your school timetable, availability allowing.

As our retreats are half-day sessions, we are more than happy to deliver two retreats in the one day if this best suits your school.

We can deliver to a year group through multiple sessions or to a specific target group  – whichever way you, the school, feel you would get the best use from our retreats for your students.


Retreat Costs:

1x Half-Day Retreats = £150

2x Half-Day Retreats = £280

4x Half-Day Retreats = £550

This works out at just £5 per head, per session and as a non-profit charity, we are just looking to cover our costs. Faith and Mental Health development is more important than ever and this donation will be going back into Michaela Foundation, where all our initiatives are focused on helping to develop our young people into becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be.




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