Wednesday October 3rd 2018

On Monday 24th September we launched our Heart & Soul Retreats at Holy Trinity College, Cookstown.

Our half-day Faith & Well-being Retreats cater for small group setting of approximately 30 pupils, ages 14-16 and focus on the three themes of Resilience, Self-Acceptance and Attitude of Gratitude.

Our Director, John McAreavey states, “The retreats were created as we felt there was a great demand for a dedicated space in schools in Well-being & Faith that isn’t being provided for in the curriculum. Our belief that the two areas are intertwined and thus, should be communicated in that fashion, are supported by the success we have had with kids at camps and also volunteers. Further, there are so many pressures on young people now, we believe that we can offer help and provide them with some tools to handle these pressures.”

When asked what they will be taking away from our retreats, some of the feedback we have received from students has stated:

“Be positive and thank God for all the little things.”

“I am worth something and to be proud of who I am.”

“Never take anything for granted”

“To believe in myself more”

“My problems will never be so big I can’t talk to someone about them.”

“God made me exactly who I’m supposed to be, flaws and all!”


If you have any questions about our Heart & Soul Retreats or any of our other initiatives, please email enquiries@michaelafoundation.com