An Inspiring week with Inspiring People!

Friday July 31st 2015


Hello again my MFF’s. It’s that time of the month again, my favourite time of the month… blogging time! And I can’t wait to share this one with you, because I just had yet another amazing week at the MF Donegal camp this summer!


This time last week I was so excited for the week ahead that I had butterflies in my belly! And now it’s all over (sigh!!!), oh how time flies when you’re having fun! So for this month’s blog I will tell you all about my week at the Donegal camp! This year I returned to team Fun with my dream team partner, Muirne! The week was filled with laughter and smiles.


Day 1: The first day of camp can be just as daunting as it is exciting, but a few games in and the campettes (and leaders) nerves had been shaken off. Coming to camp without a friend was a big step for a lot of campettes so day 1 in the fun element was all about getting to know each other and teamwork! We spent the day playing games and dancing and the girls got a lovely surprise when Donegal players Mark and Ryan McHugh came for a visit! They even joined in on our game of ladders, like most brothers they got a little bit competitive… (Ryan’s team won!!)

day 1

Day 2: When the campettes arrived on day 2 they weren’t as shy and they had already made friends. In Fun, Tuesday was a very creative, arty day. Our activity was Be Leaf! This was a chance for our campettes to express their creativity through the theme of cycle C – the tree! The campettes were exploring the theme of the three in the faith element, with that in mind they personalised their own leafs with their first initial on them which they displayed for their parents on Friday! And because we love to spoil our lovely Donegal campettes they had another special guest on Tuesday! Donegal ladies player Karen Guthrie came to speak to girls. She spoke brilliantly about how the values of the Michaela Foundation are ones close to her own heart, hopefully inspiring the campettes to appreciate these values and to make room for their faith in their lives.

day 2

Day 3:  The halfway-mark… Day 3 was a day for budding actresses in the Fun room! One of the liveliest days with us for sure. It was so exciting to see the energy that the girls brought to this activity! The most rewarding part of this activity was seeing girls who had returned to camp this year, I could clearly see their change in attitude, and a beaming confidence which had grown so beautifully since last year. Its things like this that make me feel so lucky and proud to be part of this special FUNdation (pun intended).

But by Wednesday evening I was exhausted! So many of the other leaders asked me during the how I always had so much energy every day, the reason was because of my love and passion for the beautiful miracle that is MF… but Wednesday evening was time to recharge (14 lovely hours of sleep).

day 3

Day 4: What an amazing day! We in the fun element had a great day with ‘Skip on’, games and dancing. However for me, the most special part of the day was a visit from an inspirational MF volunteer – Méabh Carlin. I do not have adequate vocabulary to describe how special this young lady is. The moment she started speaking the campettes and every leader was in awe. She has had a remarkable journey with her faith throughout her life but she taught the girls so much in such a short space of time about the importance of letting God into tour life. She was like a ray of sunshine in the room and is truly the most incredible role model any young girl could dream of having. We were all so thankful to have her visit the Donegal camp and so lucky to be in her presence!

day 4

Day 5: Ahhh an exceptionally magical day, mass and a tea-party! In the morning we were joined my 3 of titanic dances talented performers. The girls loved learned a step from the before the prep for mass. After lunch there was a change in the tone of camp as the campettes welcomed their parents to their end of week mass. It was a beautiful mass, with beautiful hymns and lovely readings and prayers. Each and every campette should be proud of how well the conducted themselves! After our unique mass it was time for the girls to showcase to their parents the new dances and songs they had worked so hard on learning the past week and well, they were FABULOUS! Our week flew in and I was so sad to say good-bye to every campette and leader who I had spent an amazing week with.

day 5

So that brought my week which I wished would have lasted longer to an emotional end! The Donegal camp really was a credit to all the amazing work that the Michaela Foundation do. The values which they promote are so so valuable and important in making each girl feel confident and proud of themselves, and ultimately living a ‘life without limits’ no matter how long or short it may be’.


My younger (and not so little) sister Katie has been so lucky to attend this camp for the past 3 years and has gone through each cycle in order. I really hope she carries everything she has learned in the past few years with her throughout the rest of her life, and appreciates how genuinely lucky she was to be part of something so special!


And before she thinks I forget to mention it… my family and I are so super proud of Katie this month! She had a little accident a few weeks ago, and long story short she ended up going to Galway for surgery on her nose and week later got 9 stitches removed. I have never seen anyone so brave in all my life, I spent the day in A&E with her and was beaming with pride by the end of it! She is a credit to us and we hope she knows how proud we are of her xxx



So until next time my MFF’s, I can’t believe this is one of the last blogs I will be writing for you, my journey as a scholar is coming to an end!!!


Adiós, arrivederci agus slán!

xoxo Sarah.