Michaela Foundation. Where do you start?

Tuesday September 15th 2015

Well, this is how it started for me, another Monday morning, and, another assembly. Orla from St. Mary’s College came in to talk to us about the Michaela Summer Camp. I was very excited, because I had always heard about this camp in the past but had never got a chance to go to one, but when I heard about this in school I knew I was definitely going to go this year. So, that evening I came home from school and said to mummy, can I register for the Michaela Summer Camp online, so we went and done that and from that day onwards I couldn’t wait until the day of the camp.

The main thoughts in my mind about the Michaela Camp were, my old and new friends and the amazing leaders I was going to share the experience with and the lovely jersey I was so excited to get.

Then Monday morning came, getting up out of bed early and making sure I had a lunch to take with me. I thought it felt like a school day, but, a great school day that I couldn’t wait for.

I arrived at St. Mary’s, went inside, got registered and the fun began. We played a couple of games in the hall just to get ourselves started up and our energy pumping. The next stage was to be put into our groups, I was put into Empower.

IMG_3817 (002)

During the week in Faith we talked about our faith and how it grows, the Rosary and why we pray it, our faith role models and celebrating Christmas. My favourite part was how we celebrate the real reason of Christmas instead of just the presents part.

In Fashion we tried a lot of different activities such as, nail art, hairstyles, pretty pencil cases and funky hair bands. My favourite activity was Pretty Pencil Cases because it was fun and original.

In Fun we tried out jiving, flower arranging, pottery and cupcake decorating. My favourite activity was Jiving because I had heard a lot of people on about it and I always wanted to try it.

In Well Being we done healthy eating, Zumba, being positive (writing out different quotes) and song-writing. My favourite activity was when we were on the topic of Being Positive because I like the role play and reading all the different quotes.

In Failte we done, the Hakka, Irish dancing, Gaelic / Hurling and Zumba combined with Irish dancing. My favourite activity in was The Hakka because it was so fun to learn.

On Friday was the mass which was the highlight of the week I enjoyed it very much because everyone got to take part in it in some way. I was so sad my week had come to an end but I knew that wouldn’t be the end of me and any more of my experiences with the Michaela Foundation.


By Anna (Derry Campette 2015)