My leap of faith!

Monday March 30th 2015

From bumping into the Irish rugby team in Dublin airport, to jumping out of a plane 13,000ft from the ground less than 48 hours later, I think the term “March Madness” would be suffice.

caoimhe kian

On Saturday, 21st March, I took to the sky at the Wildgeese Skydive Centre in Garvagh in aid of the Michaela Foundation. During the morning training and preparation I was told that it would be an experience that I would never be able to put into words. I didn’t realise how true this was until I had landed firmly on the ground and my friends and family were anxious to know how it was. Words just could not do it justice. Yes, I was absolutely petrified when the plane (which had no door!!) took off and slowly climbed to the dreaded altitude and the thoughts of “Why am I doing this?” where running riot through my head. But, just before we got ready to jump, I took a look around to see the most breath-taking view I had ever set eyes on. The only thing I could compare it too was when I was small and imagined heaven to be above the clouds. That’s’ where I was. It really was so special.

Caoimhe walking

Also, as we glided down through the clouds I had another thought…. I really am the ultimate Westlife fan; finally I’m “Flying without Wings”!

Caoimhe Sky

I am so grateful to everyone who so generously sponsored me to help raise a total of £1500 for the Michaela Foundation, while letting me tick another thing off my bucket list. My target was £1000 because I wanted to give back to the foundation what they so kindly gave me this year so to hand them a cheque above and beyond this is beyond anything I ever could have imagined! It really is so special to give something back to an organisation that I hold to close to my heart.

Caoimhe  john

Since it was going to be so hard to put into words my mummy and daddy organised to have a video and photos done. How fab are they?! It certainly has made my job this month much easier! So here it is to see for yourselves, my ‘Skydive for Michaela’.

Eeeek, it’s even scarier watching it back!!