Nights Out, Nights In but Never-Ending Craic

Friday December 6th 2013

Finding ways to entertain yourself in college is critical. Even though the first
semester is flying in, when you’re living in the moment, doing nothing tends
to make it drag by PAINFULLY slow. Now in my 12th week at college
(haven’t a clue where they all went) I can tell you that the nights in can be as
good as the nights out!
Going out in Dublin is mad craic! When you’re with your friends, it seems
to just be a whirlwind of banter and laughing. Heading out is also a great
way to socialize and meet new people who might be in the same college as
you and maybe even be in your course. You can literally meet anyone on a
night out and I mean anyone. Even though Halloween was a month ago, I
went out last week and met someone dressed as a bear. Man/woman? I
haven’t a notion but I’ll tell you for nothing they had to have been dying
with the heat.
That’s what I love about going out, anything could happen! The possibility
of anything happening makes a good night great but it can also turn things
sour. Mostly, you just see people having the craic and enjoying their night
but now and again, you will see people who have drank too much and get
themselves in a state. It’s not nice to see and not only does it ruin their night
but it ruins their friends and other people’s as well, depending on their
behavior. I myself would drink on a night out but I know my limit and how
to drink responsibly. Getting into trouble on a night out is not something I
wish to experience, especially in a place I’m not wholly familiar with. Le
cuidiú Dé, it won’t happen.
Nights out in Dublin can be very expensive… and when I say ‘can’ be
expensive; I mean that they are diabolically money draining. Mainly due to
the costs of taxis , sometimes it’s better to sit in and save what little money
you have left ( taxi drivers apparently don’t appreciate getting paid in the
coppers that you spent time digging out from the side of the sofa.. who’da
thunk it ?). Just because you’re sitting in, doesn’t mean that all you’re going
to be doing is assignments and other college work. There are loads of things
that you could be doing. You can invite friends over and just relax in your
house; you could have a good gossip with your roommates or you could do
my personal favorite: bad TV and good food.
Now that I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is back, me and my roommate
Charlotte have taken to putting one day a week aside where we catch up on
all the episodes online that we missed during the week. While they sit and
eat bugs and other weird things that should not be eaten for some actual
food, Charlotte and I usually munch on a pizza and pity them. It’s nice to
just relax for a while in your comfy clothes, save a bit of money and even
have an early night in bed. Trust me- 9 o clock lectures are not fun.
I’m in my 12th week now which incidentally is my last week of lectures this
semester! After Christmas I will be starting completely different modules
and I can’t wait. Before all that though, there is the dreaded exams a.k.a zero
craic. Now, because my roommates and I have different exam timetables and
we won’t be in our apartment for much longer together, we have put our
Christmas tree up!!
Some might say it’s too early and to them I say ‘Scrooge’. I absolutely love
Christmas and waited as long as possible to put it up. Realistically we’re
only going to see it for a week and a half at most so I will be spending every
minute I can beside our little tree. That being said though I am looking
forward to going and spending a whole month at home for Christmas in
Donegal. After all, where better a place to celebrate the birth of Our Lord
than in God’s county?
Slán go fóill,
P.S Note to future students: You will find yourself in a constant state of
needing milk.
P.P.S (can you even say that?) I will get in bother if I don’t say this so
congratulations to my Eunans team who won the Minor County B Final 2
weeks ago… HON.