Niohmi Blog 5

Wednesday October 3rd 2012

We are now at the stage where our summer holidays are drawing to a close and the excitement of fresher’s week is beginning to kick in. Starting university is a new chapter in your life and it’s a rather busy time with all the forms and confirming places deciding where to live and all those things that come along with moving away from home for the first time. It can be rather daunting experience initially but that soon passes as you meet new people and get familiar with the surrounds.

University is a big step students are expected to make decisions on their own, to learn to resolve conflict on their own, and to take responsibility for their actions. A lot of people treat moving to college the wrong way they think it’s all about drinking running parties and not attending class. Meanwhile you do have to have social gatherings and enjoy the craic it is important not to forget what you have come to college for to gain a degree.  I feel that Students can have a complete and enjoyable college experience without drinking or doing other drugs. While I do not take alcohol at present I can go out and enjoy a night the same as everyone else without the presence of alcohol I think as a student you have to be confident enough to stand up for what you want yourself and not be peer pressured into doing thing you don’t want to do. I am not anti-alcohol by any means but I do however feel that it should be taken in moderation and sometimes people don’t take it in moderation resulting in alcohol misuse which can have a poor effect on a number of things and this is how students get into bother.

While drugs may be more common today that they were in the past I feel as a student that many members of society look down at student and be prejudice towards students and in fact relate to them as taking drugs, I feel that this is not the case while some may experiment with drugs that the whole student society should be deemed upon for this. Drugs are only there if you look for them so be the mature student and stay away from them!

Reflecting on my first year of university I feel the transition from school to university is a major step and the one word that springs to mind is independence. My advice would be to get involved in groups and societies, join in activities, nights out, mystery tours, whatever is going on join in and you’re sure to have fun and meet new people and most of all enjoy the student experience. Now roll on fresher’s and let the fun begin for second year!!