Niohmi November Blog

Wednesday December 12th 2012

Hey guys, this past month has flown in and I feel it is safe to say it has been pretty hectic, for me anyway, between uni life and social events. We students are all well settled back into college now and at half way through the first semester, the workload has began to pile up – this is probably the worst part of being a student!. I think the best way to deal with this is to do a little bit at a time and you’ll get there eventually. Remember don’t stress over getting it finished you will always get there in the end!

After all this hard work another shopping spree was needed as a reward! So this dilemma was answered with off course the student discount night in Victoria Square.  I think every student studying in Belfast must have attended since you couldn’t turn around without meeting someone you knew.  With a major dent now in the bank balance as a result of various purchases, I’m afraid it’ll be jam sandwiches for the next few weeks!!

Halloween is an important night in the social calendar for students, and in Belfast I think it’s a night where everyone turns up to go out. Before university I was definitely not Halloween’s biggest fan as I did not enjoy dressing up –I’m not the most creative person for coming up with ideas! However being a student I have changed my opinion – it is a brilliant opportunity to experience something different for a night. It is a night where everyone puts in so much effort and the lengths some people go to with their costume is brilliant. I know in our house the coloured hair spray was everywhere and we were painting each other’s faces white! It’s a night where you don’t spot everyone you know as easily, which can cause some confusion, but brings about more craic.

This month also brought about two special events in the one weekend for me and many other Gaels – the Match for Michaela and my own club, Clonduff’s 125th Anniversary. The match on Saturday was indeed a case of “nothing beats being there’’.  It was spectacularly organised, from the music throughout, Hector’s commentary, the dancing at half time and of course let’s not forget the display of Gaelic played, along with the parade of cups and indeed the very touching finale, what a spectacle and great tribute to Michaela. It was very emotional, magical and perfect way to wrap up a fantastic night. The souvenir programme was excellently put together and it had personal reflections written by those dear to Michaela, which brought a tear to my eye while reading. These reflections were great to read as many of them were written about University life and living in Belfast, so I gained a lot from them. It goes to show that some of the best memories of the university life don’t always come from the mad nights out, but from those conversations and laughs round the kitchen table with a cup of tea!  As my granny often says ‘a cuppa tea will solve it’- and in so many cases this is the truth.

So after a fantastic evening on Saturday, it was home to prepare for what was another fantastic day on Sunday.  Celebrating 125 years was a very special occasion for Clonduff, the day started with a beautiful Mass of remembrance, celebration and anticipation and from there it was to the INF Hall in Hilltown where 400 we were fed, entertained and taken down memory lane in a totally unique way and with another 1700 watching online from around the world, I have to say I am proud to be a member of such a great club and would wish to congratulate the 125 committee who made this day so special.  .  In my eyes this was a weekend of GAA magic and it showed how wonderful, special and unique the GAA community is and how everyone supports one another.

So all in all I’ve been very busy since my last blog and after all the social events it’s not time to start the hard work to reach the Christmas deadlines.