Niomhi Blog 4

Sunday September 2nd 2012

We are now well into the summer holidays with many of you anxiously awaiting results to make decisions about which university you are going to be a student off or which courses to study. This is a rather daunting experience as it is your future you are putting at risk however in my eyes I feel the old saying “What’s for you will not go past you” is always worth remembering. I feel that what is laid out for you will happen although it may initially be disappointing it will reward you with happiness in the end. Over the past month I have been working at Cul Camps within my county this has been a very enjoyable and worthy experience of working with the youth from watching them learn new skills to meeting new friends and developing both as players and people over the week has been great.
On Friday the 20th July I had the pleasure of attending a mass which was at the end of a busy week for girls attending the first ever Michaela Girls Summer Camp. The mass was beautiful from the choice of hymns and songs being sang by the girls and their leaders to the readings and reflections which where all so carefully chosen, everything tied in so well with the theme and the whole week was incorporated within the mass. It was good to see so many young people truly enjoying practicing their faith.
The camp seemed to entail lots of fun with each and every girl smiling after what seemed to have been a week of pure enjoyment. This enjoyment came through various activities which included learning Irish, playing traditional games cupcake making and very importantly the issue of faith to show the children how much faith means in a person, they seemed to learn a lot about the rosary and they had a beautiful balloon release which was based around the rosary it was great to see girls at this age taking such an interest in prayer and faith.
I myself have a strong faith and feel it is very important as I feel without faith you have nothing. For some people I feel moving onto university stage may mean that they forget about their faith and in fact some people shut themselves away from their faith, and are too caught up by immaterial things that they do not leave time for faith and prayer. Fortunately for me this was not the case as I kept it alive and it has the same importance as it always did. With faith not only being about attending mass but by living a good life and willing to help others as well as always having time for God. There is a good opportunity to attend mass while being at university in Belfast the catholic chaplaincy provides mass daily and the catholic chaplaincy is a place where a lot happens with a range of prayer services and groups such as St. Vincent de Paul working and meeting regularly it is a great way to meet new people and really is worth a visit to as the door is always open.