Niomhi December Blog

Monday February 4th 2013

Hey guys! A lot has happened from my last blog – a new year has begun and 2012 has now drawn
to a close. Reflecting on 2012 it has been a year of joy, laughter, and sadness and has left us
individually with both happy and sad memories.

As a student, December was a short month but none the less as busy as ever. Assignments were
handed in on those final days leading up to the end of the semester – we are now awaiting results.
There were many exciting things happening in Belfast before Christmas with nights out, Christmas
parties and even snow parties and off course Santa making a few appearances along the way! While
the shops where buzzing with last minute Christmas shopping , the time come for the students to
pack up bags and cars and head back home for the festive season, leaving very little activity within
the Holylands.

It was great seeing everyone back around home for Christmas, and especially those friends who
came home from across the water, it enabled us to get a good catch up with them face to face.
Christmas gave us all a good excuse for get togethers, nights out and an opportunity to work an
extra few hours in part-time jobs and gain some extra money, which, for me anyway, was spent in
the sales! It was nice to have a break from student life and some chill out time while enjoying the
pampering’s of life at home.

I am now writing this after completing my one and only exam – I was lucky to have only one! January
is a month jam packed with exams for most, and for myself studying Teaching it means I also have
school visits to prepare me for School based work which starts in February. Coming back to Belfast
after Christmas was an experience in itself spending majority of my hours in the library preparing for
my exam. There are many places to choose to study from and really it is a matter of where suits you
best, they range from the Catholic Chaplaincy, a variety of building at Queens, halls of residence,
or alternatively at home. I felt the McClay Library was the best place for me to study as if I were to
study at home I tend to get distracted (mainly by tea breaks) and can’t focus. Also with the library
there is a good atmosphere in that don’t feel you are on your own, as it is packed with students all
in the same situation as yourself and at some stage there will always be someone you know walking
past to stop and have a chat with! As many students work into late hours at night or the early hours
of the morning and probably a few victims taking full advantage of 24 hour opening hours- there
is free tea and biscuits or water and fruit for the healthy people provided by the student guidance
workers at Queens. I thought this was a lovely thought and I think it was really appreciated by all the
students who availed of the gesture.

Now we look forward to the beginning of Semester two and indeed that “Re-fresher’s week”.
Last year I felt that the second semester went much quicker than the first one. So let’s hope it’s a
semester full of laughs and enjoyment! I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope
that it too will bring many happy memories.