Niomhi January Blog

Saturday March 2nd 2013

Hey guys
I am writing at the end of the January blues and the daunting month of January is over for another year! However January does have its advantages for students – the student loan comes in and being a shopaholic it means one thing hitting the sales and picking up a few new things.

January is a month with only a few weeks on the University calendars- a few weeks of exams basically! After the exams are over most students tend to have a week off or a few weeks off, for some fortunate students until refreshers. Unfortunately for myself and others there has been little time for a break. We have been kept more than busy with school visits and preparation for School based work which begins in February. I am really looking forward to School based work beginning and for me it means I get to move home for that time, which is nice coming home tired in the evening and having dinners made and basically enjoying the luxuries of living at home for those few weeks! It gives you that break mid-year from student life which I find good as it allows us to actually realise as a student what the working world really is all about and what we are all going to have to face someday.

It is also at this stage of the year where many students head off to many parts of Europe on the Erasmus scheme. Erasmus is a funded scheme whereby students move to study at many universities throughout Europe for a short period of time. Erasmus counts towards your degree which means when you return you are not a year behind and you return to study with your class friends. It gives you an opportunity to meet new friends from home and away, discover a different culture and have fun along the way. I hope all the students going on Erasmus have a fantastic time, enjoy the experience and most of all stay safe.

That mad week of what is known as “refreshers” has now drawn to a close- it really is a week where everyone is back to classes after Christmas and basically there everyone’s up for going out and partying before settling back into routine. I think Monday was the craziest in terms of actually getting into places doors were closed by half nine in most venue- which unfortunately meant disappointment for us! The rule being the early you are queuing the better chance you have of getting in. However as the week progressed I think things began to settle down and people where actually getting into the venue of their choice.

I have recently gone to the cinema to see Impossible which is a very, very sad film with a happy ending I would recommend you going to see it if you haven’t already, will be truly satisfied. It is a film based on a true story about a family going to Thailand for Christmas in 2004 and getting caught in a tsunami absolutely heart breaking. It really reflects the story of so many people’s lives getting torn apart in the space of minutes and really makes you think and appreciate how much you have and live every moment to the full.