Friday October 9th 2015

‘Selfie esteem’ is low, according to skincare brand Dove. “There is an epidemic of girls chasing social media ‘likes’ to feel attractive,” says the company.

Just like Dove, we at Michaela Foundation believe that no girl should be held back from reaching her full potential. However, anxieties over appearance stop girls being their best selves, affecting their health, friendships and even performance at school.


Check out singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt’s super self-esteem tips to help girls lead a ‪#‎lifewithoutlimits‬….

1. Just like everyone in my generation, I probably check social networks too much to see what people are saying. As long as you like the picture, it shouldn’t matter how many ‘likes’ it receives.

2. As easy as social media makes it to keep in touch with people, I think it’s good to spend time nurturing real friendships. Whether it’s going on a night out, a gig or simply hanging out with your best mate, I think these are the moments that count. Nothing beats that.

3. You don’t hang out with people who make you feel bad in real life, so why would you online? I think it’s important to ‘follow’ people you find inspiring and positive.

4. I think it’s good to get involved with positive social media movements – the ‪#‎NoLikesNeeded‬ campaign is a really easy way to spread positivity and helps to turn social media into a space that makes you feel really confident about your beauty, not anxious.