Pick a positive in everyday…

Friday March 27th 2015

With just a week left of my second placement, its hard not to feel privileged when reflecting back on my experiences to date. Despite the short time that I have been exposed to children’s nursing, I have discovered quite a large glimpse of just how lucky I am to have this opportunity. Life is put into perspective almost daily when you are exposed to people who are in need of nursing care. As my second placement draws to an end, I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with children with special needs throughout both clinic placements so far. These children are truly inspiring; over 12 weeks I have had countless moments that can only be described as priceless. But the most important lesson I have learnt from these kids, is that despite life-limiting conditions that in many cases prevent them from speaking, walking and leading a ‘normal’ life of a typical child, they are happy, they are grateful, and more than anything, they possess the most contagious of smiles.

Many of us go through life day and daily getting bogged down on things such as not getting the exam results we wanted, not having enough money, the latest style or the newest piece of technology. However sometimes what we most take for granted, so many people pray for. It’s important to always find positives in everyday, no matter how bad things may seem. Smile, Laugh, Live & Love a little more, always counting your blessings!


To the staff and children I have been allowed to work with, Thank you. For the laughs, the craic, the advice, the invaluable experiences, criticisms and challenging times, Thank You! Thank you for entrusting me to care for these amazing young people. Thank you for changing my outlook on life for the better!

Aside from life at university, I have been enjoying a few nights out and get togethers with friends and family for a few birthday celebrations. First up was a “World Cuisine Night” to celebrate one of my best friends, Maebhs birthday. We each got a Country and then had to make something home made (Marian didn’t get that memo and stopped at the Chinese on the way – seems legit hmm?!). Was safe to say that our inability to move for a few hours after because we’d ate that much indicated that everybody must have done a dacent job; well nobody was poisoned anyway so alls good! We then enjoyed an eventful night out in Monaghan with plenty of laughs and craic!!

pict2 pict3

Next up this week my brother Ciaran turns 18, which will be celebrated with a night at the dogs with family and friends. Also my wee Godson Connall turns 2 this week – no wild nights on the agenda for this one, maybe some toys and copious amounts of sweets might fit the bill!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL ☺

pict4 pict5


So this is my last blog before Easter, a wee bit early but Happy Easter to all, enjoy over indulging in Easter Eggs and spending time with family and friends!

Until next time,

Dia Libh,

Cora x