Reaching milestones, Hating Goodbyes and Giving the Alarm Clock a break!!

Tuesday December 23rd 2014

So, from last month’s blog I’ve seriously had an eventful few weeks!! Our club dinner dance that was so eagerly awaited, exceeded expectations; an absolutely brilliant night’s craic, a laugh a second with the best of cliental (a.k.a Extended family!!)  I know personally reflecting on the night I am overcome with a huge amount of pride, to be a part of what is so much more than a GAA club, summed up simply by the legendary ‘Mackers’ – “Small but tight”.


Also, a special mention to the best auntie and uncle, in ze world; Evan and Camilla who made the journey from the backend of Fermanagh and surprised us all. A really special touch that put the icing on the cake for me! Unfortunately now, the high heels and going out clothes have been tucked away, swapped for the McAleers Bar uniform for the coming manic festive session. (Well at least to the 28th when I’ll get a well deserved night out!!)


On the university front, I have just completed my first 6 weeks of what I would count as one of the best experiences in my life to date. I honestly can’t put into words how lucky I feel to have had to opportunity to work along with the children and staff. It was undoubtedly both a physical and emotional rollercoaster of emotions from day one. Being the big softie that I am, I grew hugely fond and attached to the children and so, found myself balling when it was time to go; uncontrollable tears the whole journey home (Yes, a 40 mile or more journey!) Ughhh, I HATE Goodbyes!! I would just like to say a huge thanks to the school, its invaluable staff, and 10 of the most adorable and special children I have ever met. An unforgettable experience.


For now though, it’s time to give the alarm clock a well deserved break from their 6 AM shifts over this last 12 weeks. Yay!! I’m sure my wee Yaris will enjoy the break too; it’s clocked up some serious miles this last few months. There are all sorts of strange symbols appearing on the dash, I like to think of it as getting into the Christmas spirit with a few lights, as opposed to getting myself to the mechanic anytime soon!!

So Christmas is literally here!! Eeek.. For me it has literally crept up, and yet I still have a few more presents to buy with time running out?! Think it might just be time to brave the hustle and bustle and get it done! My favourite part of Christmas is spending time with friends and family, with it becoming even more important to me over these last few years. Just last Saturday 18 of my crazy relatives hit the big smoke for a day at the Christmas markets and to see Aladdin in pantomime. We had a brilliant day out together and the Christmas spirit around Belfast was well and truly alive. Christmas for many is the session of joy and happiness, of giving and goodwill, with a chance to catch up and spend time with family and friends. But for some it can be a tough and painful time; perhaps where there is an empty chair around the dinner table, where a loved one is ill and suffering or were financial or other issues come to the fore around this expensive time of year.  So spare a thought for anyone who finds this time of year extra difficult; a special prayer for you and your family.  Remember, what’s important is not what you have around you; it’s who you have around you.

So, this is my last blog of 2014!! Where has the year gone?! I would like to thank all my family and friends for being truly amazing for yet another year, long many it continue! This year I have been lucky enough to have had some brilliant experiences; Starting University, city breaks and holidays with friends and family, and becoming a Michaela Scholar to name a few! Here’s hoping for the same and more, for the New Year to come.

Huge Happy Christmas, from me and mine, to you and yours. Enjoy the celebrations, the party nights out (don’t forget a wee prayer for all the poor bar staff) and the quality time you spend with family and friends. I would also like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year – May your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!!

Until Next Year,

Dia Libh,

Cora x