Reflection time at the half way mark….

Thursday February 26th 2015

To say the least, it’s quite overwhelming to think that I am half way through first year of University. This is crazy! Looking back I genuinely could not foresee myself surviving week 1 at QUB never mind reaching this stage of first year. That backward, shy and absolute nervous wreck that wandered about Belfast, with the head down, the ‘lets not make eye contact and everything is good’ creator, that only felt safe when she got back to the car in the evenings, has made it to the other side – Yeo! And here I am, motoring on and hey; sure I’m managing the best!! However, I have to admit, I am serious glad to see the back of January!


The past 6 weeks has been absolutely hectic, between classes commencing again, on-going work loads for weekly tutorials, trying to write an assignment (which may I add, referencing is not cool, really not cool at all!!) and trying to study for exams, my stress levels were extremely high and my mood swings were not pleasant! However, all’s well that ends well and the hard work and lack of sleep for 6 weeks paid off – I passed my exams!! Big shout out to Niamh (BSN), Sarah, Tamaira, Emma, Catherine, Eilish and Anna, who all passed as well, never a doubt with their brains to burn however only for them keeping me sane I seriously wouldn’t have coped – Thanks Gals! And also a wee mention for Danielle who despite health problems still kept the head up and done so well – Well done Chick! And *que the soppiness* but a massive fear for me when starting uni was that I didn’t know anyone at all, panicking that I wouldn’t fit in, but I really have been blessed in meeting these girls – their type that make you enjoy going to uni (Did I really just say that?!). No seriously, there’s never a dull moment and I’m so glad that I’ve met them! There ya’s are girls, you’s have got your moment in the spotlight haha.


So, just last week I started my second 6 weeks of placement, this time feeling a wee bit better armed with knowledge for the particular setting I’m in. Being on placement really exposes you to a wealth of knowledge. Nursing is so broad and complex, you literally could not learn everything whilst in Queens itself – It’s all well and good being taught what to do and how to do things, but it’s so important to get out there and be exposed to the reality of nursing. It’s going really well so far and I’m really excited for the experiences to come over the next few weeks.


Over mid term break I had a wee visit from my 2 favourite little boys Connall and Callum. Wee Cara Grace also came, but only for a flying visit – 4 year olds these days have seriously hectic schedules you know!! So the boys came for what was supposed to be a one night sleepover – 6 days later Callum was still my wee sidekick, (claiming there really is no issue if we just go to ASDA for clean pants) Connall managed to go home on schedule!! We had such a good week and Cally managed to give us a laugh a second! Thankfully he got home safe and well – no major babysitting issues throughout the week bar loosing him once only to find him 10 minutes later up the tree sitting on the thinnest branch on it. Naturally I freaked out and shouted him to get down, “Do you realise how dangerous that is? And that branch was about to snap!” only to get the reply “Well isn’t it a good job I’m only a wee skinny thing!” (In the broadest Fermanagh accent imaginable). Of course I got a quick photo before he came down – I promise I really am a responsible babysitter.



So that’s me for another month, God I really wish I could slow time down, it’s all going too fast. Until next month,


Dia Libh,


Cora x