Rosemary Blog 1

Monday April 16th 2012


Hi. My name’s Rosemary Jefferies. I’m from Derry, the City of Culture to be, and I’m currently attending Queen’s University Belfast. Although I love Derry it’s very small compared to Belfast and I love being a part of such a big City and having new places to go out to with my friends. I’m studying for a joint degree in Theology and English and hope to go on to become a RE teacher. Two of my great passions in life are theology and literature and so I’d say my course is perfectly suited for me. It was my granny in Cork who saw the Michaela Award advertised and recommended that I apply for it so I’m very grateful to her for her encouragement. Winning the Michaela Award is a great honour and I feel privileged to represent the Michaela Foundation and all the good work that they do.

Winning this award means a great deal to me, especially because I want to go on to teach Religious Education. My faith plays a considerable role in my life and I want to inspire others to share my passion for religion and to help educate younger people as to the continuing relevance religion has in our society today.  This award will help me to develop as a good role model to others, as through my blogs I’ll be able to highlight how drugs and excessive alcohol are not necessary to have an enjoyable night out. Being a good role model is something I believe is very important, seeing as it will play a great role in my future career as a teacher. Financially this award will greatly help with my living costs. My part time job helps to pay for some of my expenses but this award will increase my independence.

In my spare time I love to read. I chose to study English at Queen’s as I love literature and wished to broaden my horizons with books that I would never previously have considered reading. I find reading very relaxing and stimulating. I’m also a big fan of music and it’s something that I would struggle to live without. I find music brilliant as it has the ability to make less pleasant tasks more manageable and easier to complete. I also greatly enjoy playing the piano. I achieved Grade 7 last year and enjoy finding the music for my favourite songs and then learning how to play them on the piano.  Like most students, I love socialising with my friends and heading out with them. It’s been great since some of my friends have passed their driving test as it means we can hang out at different places, like our local beach in Buncrana, when the weather’s permitting, and having a change of scenery is always enjoyable.

I love the new found independence and freedom that comes with university life and I look forward to each new semester to see what new opportunities and challenges arise. I don’t take myself too seriously though, and believe in having fun in life as you only live life once.  So it’s essential to grasp opportunities and take risks, as through this you experience more from life and can grow more as a person. I look forward to sharing some of my university experiences through my blogs and hope to be a real advocate for Michaela, who is such a great role model for young people today, not only because of her strong faith and the fact that she was a pioneer, but also because of her core values and how she stood up for what she believed in whilst always living life to the full