Rosemary Blog 2

Wednesday June 6th 2012

The month of May is notoriously busy as it’s exam territory once again.  This month has been particularly busy as Eilís suggested that Naomi and I, the other two Michaela Foundation Student  Award Scheme recipients, form a relay team and run in the Belfast Marathon to raise money for the Michaela Foundation.  That was a great challenge indeed as I’ve never been much of an athlete.  I was renowned in Primary School for walking the Sports Day sprint every year, much to my mum’s dismay, who I insisted attend to watch me!  However, participating in the marathon was very in keeping with the Michaela Foundation’s slogan ‘Life Without Limits’.  I must say I got off to a rocky start, what with it being Easter, and having an excess amount of chocolate the day before the run …  On the other hand, I live near a country road, which is great because I must admit I didn’t fancy running around red-faced with people I know beeping the horn at me.  After a few weeks of training I was converted to jogging.  It’s actually very relaxing, especially during the stressful exam period.

The weather certainly wasn’t on our side the day of the marathon as it rained from start to finish, and I didn’t have much luck with technology.  My iPod ran out of battery just before the start of the marathon.  My phone had broken down a few days before the marathon and I borrowed my dad’s vintage phone, but by the marathon’s end it wasn’t working either because of being soaked by the rain.  That was the hardest part of the marathon – being out of phone contact with my friends for a whole afternoon.  I consoled myself with a Chinese takeaway, and I must say that after that marathon a ‘sweet & sour’ never tasted so good.

Since the sweat and tears of the marathon is over I have been busy studying for my exams.  A difficult time indeed, but I’m certainly looking forward to the Summer holidays.  I’m hoping to continue training and increasing my fitness levels over the Summer as it seems a shame not to maintain my new-found athleticism after the marathon.  Naturally, I have great plans to spend quality time this summer with my friends, some of them returning from Englandand Scotland.  I will continue working in my part-time job too.  I’m hoping to go somewhere exciting with my friends this year for my birthday, as it’s my 20th and that seems a rather significant age: no longer a teenager my dad points out to me.  As to where we will go, we’re still undecided.  I tend to take allergic reactions to the sun when the weather is too hot and so this narrows our options towards more cloudy climes.  My friends and I are very similar and none of us would be interested in beach holidays.  We’re more into adventure and exploring new places, so this should make choosing a holiday a little easier.

The month of May has certainly been busy, but I’m proud to have run successfully in the Belfast Marathon, and also to have focused on studying; hopefully my exam results will reflect the sacrifices I have made in terms of getting out and about over these past weeks.

I would like to extend my heart-felt thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Michaela at this particularly difficult time.  Nothing can bring Michaela back to those who knew and loved her.  Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.