Rosemary Blog 4

Sunday September 2nd 2012

We are now into the second month of summer and as always I’m not sure where the time has gone! Excitement is beginning to build as the second year at university approaches. As much as I know everyone loves summer and counts the days down, I think everyone is ready to go back and see what the next year will hold.
This summer has certainly had its ups and downs. The greatest upset being the sudden passing of my Granny, Peggie O’Neill, on 28 June 2012, without whom I would not have applied for the Michaela Award. She herself was a great woman of faith and is someone I aspire to be like. As a very young child of four years of age she attended the 31st Eucharistic Congress in Dublin in 1932 and even at such a young age she still held fond memories of the event. In fact, she narrowly missed out on going to the most recent Eucharistic Congress in Dublin this summer because of my granddad being in hospital. As well as living a life centred on faith and devotion to God she was also extremely talented at sewing, knitting, crocheting, lace-working and painting. Her memory lives on through her great talent, as my family and I have been fortunate enough to have received many special gifts from her over the years.
As a mark of appreciation for my Granny encouraging me to apply for the Michaela Award I decided to make a donation to the charity of her choice, as she wasn’t in any way materialistic and I knew she would approve of that more than any gift I could have given her. As she was born and raised in Dublin, my grandmother chose the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin to receive a donation. The Capuchin Day Centre gives meals to homeless people and feeds over 200 people a day, a high percentage of those being children, so their work is undoubtedly invaluable. She understood the importance of helping those who were disadvantaged and she was a supporter of many charities. It seems fitting that my bursary from the Michaela Foundation, which aims to promote life fulfilment and happiness, has benefited a charity so worthwhile.

My Granny had a special prayer that she said every day, from the age of 12. I would like to share it with you here:
Be with me dear Jesus at all times and in all places.
Fill my soul with your conscious presence.
That you yourself within me may think, speak and act for me.
Although my Granny’s passing was sudden, the wealth of happy memories and the example of her life in faith will be treasured legacies for those of us who were close to her. She is very greatly missed.