Rosemary Blog 5

Wednesday October 3rd 2012

As per every summer the weeks have flown in and it’s surreal that the start of September and my second year of University are so near. I’m moving back up to Belfast this weekend and the excitement is already mounting as Fresher’s Fortnight comes increasingly near. I remember Fresher’s last year to be great craic. There are so many different events and things to do, for example, themed nights, comedy nights and mystery tours, which are always memorable to say the least, just to name a few.

There is a group in Queen’s named ‘RAG’ (raise and give) which organises fun events throughout the year, including charity poker, pub quizzes and the infamous ‘Fresher’s Pub Crawl’. It is a group with a difference as all money raised goes to charities chosen at the start of the year, so you get to have fun and make a difference at the same time. A win-win scenario and there’s no better way to meet new people.

Another great aspect of Fresher’s has to be the Fresher’s Fair. The key members of all Queen’s clubs and societies attend to rally new members. With nearly a hundred clubs and societies to join, the fair runs over a period of two days and there’s certainly something for everyone, whether you’re musical, into sports, love languages or simply want to try something different like origami. I think it’s very important to get involved in as many different things as you can whilst at university, to maximise your experiences as a student, to meet new people and most importantly to develop as an individual.

Last year I attended regular meetings for Saint Vincent De Paul, Amnesty International and the Christian Union. These groups all do great work throughout the year. From feeding the homeless and providing tea and soup to those leaving pubs and clubs in the early hours of the morning, to campaigning for social justice and fighting for peoples’ basic human rights, these groups do it all. Doing things such as writing letters and making posters to raise student awareness can make a big difference and every effort made counts for something. I want to continue being a member of these groups in my upcoming year at university and I also hope to join more groups to broaden my horizons.

I have applied to be a Fresher’s Rep, which involves helping new students to settle into the university, for example by answering any questions they may have and making them aware of all that the university has to offer. As a second year student I know all too well how daunting the move from school to university can be. However, the new found independence, new opportunities and new friends are only some of the reasons that make the move a positive and exciting one.

I can still hardly believe that my first year at university flew in as quickly as it did. Hearing my younger friends, who are moving into first year, talk about moving into Halls and leaving home for the first time, is surreal as it feels like only yesterday that that was me. However, with my bags packed, books ordered and modules chosen, I say bring on second year and all the fun and adventures the year ahead has to offer.