Thursday May 17th 2018

Abortion vs Life Without Limits

Michaela Foundation has always been about life and love. Encouraging, inspiring and supporting young people to live their lives to the fullest. We want every young person to feel loved and to see how beautiful they truly are.

Seven years ago, in the midst of pain & suffering, during a time when the feeling of hope at times evaded us, we set out to establish something that would honour our beloved Michaela and the things that made her so special. Our core values around Irish, faith, fun and well-being are embodied most of all, through Michaela’s sheer joy of life.

A legacy shining light in the face of utter darkness, bringing joy, in the face of despair and hope, to those who have lost theirs. This is a message that is needed even more in these times.

We decided to concentrate our activities on young people and mostly women as Michaela herself worked with young people throughout her career.

We, as a Foundation, are doing all we can to stay true to who she was and what she believed. The values both Michaela and we stand for, guide our endeavours each day. We are proud of the work we have achieved and to date have engaged with nearly 6,000 young women across Ireland since 2011.

We therefore feel an enormous duty of care to our young women. Because of this, we assist them in areas of mental health, special needs, community building, cancer work, and university life to name a few. We must also, as Michaela would have, warn them of the dangers of abortion and encourage them to celebrate life to the full.

We dedicate ourselves to bringing a message of life without limits. When we think of the young people inspired in our camps & retreats, those with down syndrome, with disabilities, those from broken backgrounds, in foster care, or in poverty, this message of life without limits is for them. For the volunteers who have found themselves in crisis pregnancies, this message of life without limits is for them. For every single person who has had to keep going when it seems like they can’t… a life without limits is for them too.

We don’t want a society where these incredible people are targeted and told they should not be here. Where their mothers are advised they would be better off not to have them.

We want a society that celebrates our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and our perfectly innocent babies. We must love them all and ensure they are looked after in the most compassionate and caring way.

We believe in the dignity of every person, born or unborn, and in the intrinsic value of every person, and the unique gifts, talents and beauty of every human being. We know that even in tough times, and against seemingly insurmountable difficulties, the joy of life can and does win out.

Abortion goes against everything Michaela stood for, and everything we as a Foundation stand for.

Michaela had such a strong Catholic faith. She held every life to be sacred. She knew that each of us is made in the image and likeness of God and have so, so much to offer this world. That is something we try to instil in each of the young women who come to us at our camps. They are known, they are loved and they have a purpose.

Lastly, Michaela’s heart was cruelly stopped before it was supposed to, and we know the pain and hurt that causes only too well. As a Foundation that was started after a life was taken, we simply cannot get behind the taking of life. We believe, instead, in bringing a message of joy, hope, love and support.

We encourage everyone to get behind the message of pro-life.

We are pro-life.

Save lives, save the 8th.

Yours in hope,

Michaela Foundation Trustees