Its the simple things in life…

Thursday June 25th 2015

Writing this month’s blog is a lot more chilled and relaxed than last months where exam stress was at the forefront of my mind and stressed was an understatement. Of course at the time it seemed like the only thing that mattered but lo and behold I survived and even passed them all…RELIEF!!

Since finishing uni I’ve had an eventful and enjoyable few weeks, starting of my exam free time by attending the Michaela Foundation tea morning in Kelly’s Inn. It was a wonderful event to be involved in and a great way to catch up with all my MF friends. My public speaking abilities were put to the test when the lovely Catherine Strain (I think its ok to be on first name terms at this stage Mrs!?) asked me to speak about what being a scholar meant to me. Catherine is an invaluable asset to the foundation; a kind, caring and good-natured lady who plays a huge part in were the MF is today. Well done on the organisation and running off a hugely successful and very special morning that I was lucky to be part of. It was great to listen to Caoimhe who spoke so genuinely about her experience as a fresher and what the foundation means to her. And lastly former scholar Fionnuala spoke extremely well about the eagerly awaited summer camps and give us all such a great insight into what they entail. She spoke proudly of the fact that there is now 15 running this summer!! Simply amazing and the MF bug is well and truly rippling throughout the country!


Next stop was the birthday celebrations with a night away in Carlingford with the besties! The wee yaris hit the road again; there wasn’t room to chew a sweet in it by the time we had squeezed in our things…May I add we were only going for the night!! The craic was mighty on the way down entailing 1 near miss, 1 toliet break, several wrong turns and a laugh a second. The journey home the next morning simply entailed sleepy heads and Ed Sheeren classics. You no its summer when the trips to Croker for the hurling and football commence – talk about girls in there element 🙂 3 of us hit the road for our first outing to Croke Park this year – the first of many hopefully!!

It was then time to spend some time with family and friends with a trip to Fermanagh to pick up my wee Godson Connall for the week. We had such good fun gallivanting around doing just about anything; of course you can get away with anything when your as cute as him!! I’ll just never leave Meabh in charge of babysitting duties!!


It was a busy month on the Ruadh scene being involved managing the U14’s who made it to a county final. Unfortunately on the night it wasn’t to be but I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and super management of Mackers and Eva. They were a pleasure to coach, an unreal season that exceeded initial expectations. Very proud of ya’s all!!

It was also a very proud few weeks for our family when the brains of the house Lisa got a First Class honours in Irish Teaching. Nothing like setting the bar high for the rest of us!! Well done Lisa, your hard work and determination despite everything was rewarded! So she’s given us all a day out (possibly a night out) to celebrate…Happy Days!!

And finally I’d like to wish of my besties, the wanderlust Marian all the best in San Fran as she leaves me this summer again!! Have a ball chick, don’t forget your factor 50 and come back to us safe ☺ A valuable member of the Super Sunday crew lost for the summer…*sigh*!!


So that’s the 411 with me over the last few weeks. Happy with the simple things. I hope everyone’s enjoying their break, stay safe whatever you’s get up to! I’ll cherish the reminder of my summer until placement starts!! ☺

Until next time,

Dia Leat,

Cora x