It was sNOw joke!

Friday March 7th 2014

They say time flies when you’re having fun and that is certain in my case as semester two is well underway.


Only eight weeks left being a first year..Eeeeeeeeek! Scary biscuits! But there is only one thing that means, the summer countdown is on! The days are getting longer and you can just taste the excitement in the air in Portstewart! The place is a hive of activity. There are students zooming around looking for their house for next year (that time already!) and myself and fellow beach lovers flocking to the beach at whatever glimpse of sunshine we get.


But the last few weeks haven’t all been hoseydosey and in my opinion there’s only one thing to blame. SNOW! Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty to look at when you are inside and the fire is on, but when you literally live in the sticks like me, it’s a nuisance! It brings many problems in the Conwell household. The main one being that no vehicle can be parked within a one hundred yard radius of our drive way. This is because my daddy built the house on an almost, vertical slope. We don’t have a car park (although we would need one) for all 5 cars so it is literally a race to see who gets parked in the closest lay-by/hedge! That brings me on to the next point nicely. The actual hike to get to my house can only be described as life threatening. Wellies are essential to get from A to B and to keep feet dry and of course reducing the risk of hypothermia. Wellies are not fashion statements in the Conwell gaff, we are not interested if they are patterned Hunter ones, we are only interested in the grip to keep you standing upright. The art of getting up the drive is not something that can be taught it must be learned and failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

image (4)

This wasn’t the only difficulty I faced in the recent snow glitch. I experienced my first ever flat wheel while driving home in the blizzard conditions. I am useless when it comes to cars. I didn’t even know if I had a spare wheel, not to mention a ‘jack’ and other such things. Ooooooops. Luckily for me, my brother was able to come and change the wheel all by himself while I stood in awe. Only one other man stopped on the dual-carriage way to see if Patrick needed help! I have since vowed to learn how to change a wheel this summer. I think everyone should know how. Not only would it be important for our own sake but it would be a lovely act of kindness to help someone if they were ever stranded.

image (6)

Lent is only around the corner so I need to get my thinking cap on about what I vow to do this year. For me, it has been the same every year like going ‘off’ chocolate, fizzy drinks and the likes. Maybe this year I could prepare properly in prayer and penance and go ‘on’ things too. I have however vowed to put £1 into my Medjugorje money box every day of lent. It’s called my ‘£40 Mej pledge!’


It is official that myself and fellow Michaela Scholars will be participating in the Belfast Marathon Relay this coming May. Our names were drawn out of a hat and I’m the lucky duck who gets to set us off at the beginning with 6 miles! I’m looking forward to the upcoming months when the weather will be better and brighter to allow me to run in the evenings. We are hoping to raise enough money to give another student the fab opportunity we were given. Hopefully by the next time I am writing my miles will be coming along nicely!