The fashion element of the Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp allows Campettes to unleash their originality and creative potential by participating in sessions that are jam-packed with hands-on activities and girly fun! More than anything, the Fashion sessions are designed to allow the girls to express their individuality and creativity.


The Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp provides Campettes with a fun and joyful environment to explore their religious beliefs and identity. It’s place where Campettes can truly celebrate being themselves, and think about the importance of leading a meaningful life. We have developed a unique interactive and fun filled Faith programme for the week.


Of course, we want the girls to have fun in all of their classes. Activities centered on this element are designed to introduce the girls to new and wholesome ways of having fun whilst helping them discover and develop their talents.


As an organisation, we are proud of our Irish heritage. This element is designed to introduce the girls to different aspects of their Irish culture. From developing their knowledge of the Irish language with fun, games and music!


In the well-being element of the Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp we aim to help Campettes develop a positive and can-do attitude, a healthy lifestyle and a caring and respectful way to treat others.

If you require any further information about our Camp activities please email camps@michaelafoundation.com

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