“Faith, fun, fashion, Irish, well-being”. Upon first hearing about the Michaela Summer Camp in 2011 these five core values stood out to us as something that Beth would be interested in. Like most of the girls at the very first camp, Beth arrived at Glencull, knowing very few of the other “Campetttes” and was genuinely nervous about what lay ahead.

So it was much to our relief when we arrived for pick-up that afternoon to find her already with new friends and enthusing that this was “The best summer camp I’ve ever been to”. As the week progressed, and as she was introduced by the leaders to each of the carefully planned out activities, the enthusiasm just grew and the nerves drifted away.

Faith played a wonderful roll throughout this camp experience. Whether intentional or unintentional, God seemed to be in every activity, in every burst of laughter, in every song they sang, in every note they played.  Michaela’s very own prayer for strength still sits in our kitchen for our family to read and admire.

The breadth of activities at the camp went way beyond Beth’s expectations, but on reflection these were only small factor in her overall camp experience. So many memories and friendships were created in just one week. The leaders, full of fun and energy, helped break down any barrier of the awkwardness for the 11-13 year old girls. They each showed Michaela’s core values in life and encouraged the girls to lead a “Life Without Limits”

Michaela Foundation
After three years of attending camps (two in Glencull, one in Belfast) each of which she has loved, we can truly say that Beth has benefited greatly. She has become part of something much bigger; in every aspect of life she feels an integral part of the Michaela Foundation Family and we believe this will stand with her for life.

Thank you to all the organisers and camp leaders who have made this possible.

Shileen and Dave Murray

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