Dublin Camp

Week: 2 Location: St. Louis School, Rathmines, Dublin
Dublin Camp

Dublin Camp

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“I learned to always be yourself and not to let anyone bring you down.”
“I’ve learned that I am awesome and unique and different in a good way and that i can do anything.”
“I know know that there are more friendly people out there than you think and even if you’ve only known someone a day you can act like you’ve known each other forever, just because you don’t know someone for long it doesn’t mean they can’t be as good a friend as others!”
“I have learned to always have fun and take care of myself.”
“Fun interesting and inspirational.”
“Super, mega, awesome, funness.”
“It was really fun and everyone was so nice and I wasn’t afraid to be myself. Every day I felt really happy and even when I came home I was always in a good mood after being at camp.”
“Hilarious, amazing, extraordinary, lovely, learning experience.”
“Fun,different,positive,enjoyable and energetic.”

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