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Tyrone Camps

Tyrone Camp: Glencull

Week: 1 Location: St. Malachy's Primary School, Glencull
Tyrone Camp: Glencull

Tyrone Camp: Glencull

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

St. Malachy’s Primary School (Michaela’s own Primary School) hosted the first Michaela Camp in 2012. It now prepares to host Camp for the 4th year. Each year, the Glencull Camp (as we like to call it) has been fully subscribed. Have a read at the below comments from the 2015 Glencull Campettes to get a taste of the impact:

“I have learnt to be myself and to not just change my personality to suit the people I am around.”

“I learned how to make new friends through just being nice.”

“I have learned to be yourself and you will succeed because success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.”

“My experience of the Michaela Camp this year was AMAZING. I loved it so much and can’t wait to see what the camp will turn out like in the future.”

“Absolutely fantastic, great fun. So disappointed I can’t come back next year but I will be back as a leader. Leaders were brilliant”

Tyrone Camp: Omagh
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Date: 18th - 22nd Jul 2016 Week: 2 Location: Sacred Heart College, Omagh
Tyrone Camp: Omagh

Tyrone Camp: Omagh

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“I learned how to become a better person and express myself.”

“I learned to be nice to everyone… don’t know what anyone is going through…”

“I learned how to make the best of my life and to open my heart to Jesus and to have fun in all that I do 🙂 ”

“I learned that we all have different faith journeys and we each have to get there in our own way.”

“I’ve learned to not to be shy in what you do and to express your personality”

“I loved all of the camp it was filled of love warmth and caring”

“AMAZING! AWESOME! BRILLIANT! FABULOUS! The best week of 2015 so far!!! It will be hard to beat 🙂 “

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