Down Camps

Down Camp: Castlewellan
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Date: 13th - 17th Jul 2015 Week: 3 Location: St. Malachy's High School, Castlewellan
Down Camp: Castlewellan

Down Camp: Castlewellan

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

“I have learned more about Michaela’s values – to sing is to pray twice.”
“I’ve learned to work in a group and in a team.”
“I’ve learned to respect others more.”
“I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what people think of you; be yourself.”
“I learnt so much more Irish than I did before camp.”
“It was absolutely amazing. I’m going in 2016 but that will be my last year because after that I will be too old to go. It would be great if the age limit would go up.”
“Fun-filled, exciting, new, educational and didn’t want it to end!!”
“Outstanding, interesting ,enjoyable and fun!”
“My week was the best summer camp I have ever been at. Would love the age limit to be risen so I could go next year. Also made so many friends during the week. Loved every minute of it there was not one second of it that I thought I would rather be somewhere else. Thanks to all the leaders not one of them was in anyway cheeky or rude.”

Down Camp: Newry
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Date: 1st - 5th Aug 2016 Week: 5 Location: St. Clare's Abbey, Newry
Down Camp: Newry

Down Camp: Newry

What last year's Campettes thought of Camp:

treat others as you would like to be treated and never lose control of your words
that you should always live a life without limits and that everyone is beautiful
To value yourself and be more confident
“I’ve learned to always keep smiling and never doubt how beautiful you really are, inside and out.”
“I have learned that you don’t have to go out and buy really expensive things you can create you own and do up old clothes.”
“I’ve learned that I am loved & special.”
“The importance of faith.”

“Awesome experience.”

“I had an amazing week it was my first year and I will definitely be going next year.”

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